About Me

I am Irma...

A wife. Married for 6 years.

A stay-at-home mom. I love raising my two boys. Our eldest is 4 years old and our little one is less than a year old.

A Filipina living in Bangkok. This is our fourth year here and enjoying every minute.

Two things I like doing and hope to do more of: blogging and baking cupcakes.

I have a collection of Starbucks city mugs. I am laying low collecting at the moment. Motherhood takes center stage. 

Last and most important of all, Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior.


  1. Hi! I'm just a lurker and I chanced upon your blog while I was reading another food blog. It's nice to read your entries, now I can go and eat to those restos that you mentioned since you've already tried eating there. Thanks! :) Pls. keep on writing. Btw, I'm a Filipina too living in BKK for 6 years already. :)

    1. Thank you for finding my blog useful, Isah. And for encouraging me, too. I hope to meet you since we live in the same city. You have been here longer than me so you have more tips. ;-)

  2. Yeah! I've been here for 6 years and I can't still communicate in Thai...how frustrating! I miss Manila so much! Hope to see you someday too...I live in Rama 3 by the way. :) Good day!

  3. Dear Irma,

    Thanks so much for posting your thoughts. Your life is an inspiration to me. I am a struggling housewife and a new mom after years of being a career woman. I love being married but the daily chores of being a mom and wife can be tiresome and frustrating at times. Still, I try to rejoice. Like you, I love Bath & Body Works, make-up, journals, books, coffee (esp Starbucks) and pretty things.

    I am praying for the quick and complete healing of your husband. I really am. I know your husband from KBCF as our pianist. I don't think he knows me.

    God bless you, your husband and kids! Here's an excerpt from a favorite devotional book, "Streams in the Desert"

    THERE is a limit to affliction. God sends it, and removes it. Do you sigh and say, "When will the end be?" Let us quietly wait and patiently endure the will of the Lord till He cometh. Our Father takes away the rod when His design in using it is fully served.
    If the affliction is sent for testing us, that our graces may glorify God, it will end when the Lord has made us bear witness to His praise.
    We would not wish the affliction to depart until God has gotten out of us all the honor which we can possibly yield Him. There may be today "a great calm." Who knows how soon those raging billows will give place to a sea of glass, and the sea birds sit on the gentle waves?
    After long tribulation, the flail is hung up, and the wheat rests in the garner. We may, before many hours are past, be just as happy as now we are sorrowful.

    It is not hard for the Lord to turn night into day. He that sends the clouds can as easily clear the skies. Let us be of good cheer. It is better farther on. Let us sing Hallelujah by anticipation.—C. H. Spurgeon.

    Streams in the Desert.

    1. Thank you so much for connecting with me here. And thank you for your prayers for Jed. God is amazing and He is faithful. Please do let me know who you are.


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