My August 2016

Hello hello again!

July was absolutely crazy I missed posting an update. We visited the Philippines for almost three weeks, then came back home and spend the rest of school break with my boys.  

Here we are now and August is about to bid goodbye. This month went by so fast.  Even my eldest thought so. Well, he does want to days to go by fast as he cannot wait for his birthday which is still in October.  

The husband went on a business trip to Las Vegas beginning of August. He came back with my new toy - a MacBook Air which I saved for eight months. Hopefully, this will prompt me to post more.

Javi is now back in school. He started Year 2. 

Caleb can go to school but we decided to keep him here with me at home for now. I don't want to let my baby go to school yet. But next year, he has to be in school.

And here's a peek at how my August went --

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1. COLOURFUL (And I love my Staedler Triplus Fineliner pens) 
2. MONEY (Old and new Thai bills. Yes, we use the cash envelope system.) 
3. SHADOW (I told him to make a dog😁)
4. GEOMETRIC (Latest make-up haul and gifts 💕) 
5. SIDE BY SIDE (My garbage boys. I don't think they are very happy about it.) 
6. FLORAL (Attended a first birthday party at the most baby/kid friendly restaurant I've been to in Bangkok) 
7. CLOUDS (Cloudy with very big chance of rain)
8. FENCE (A page from one of Javi's favorite book, Paddington at the Palace) 
9. DRAW (This one goes through sheets of paper so fast. He sure loves to draw whatever comes to mind.) 
10. BLUE + WHITE (That pretty tea pot and tea cup at an advanced Mother's day celebration) 
11. MEAL TIME (We're having soup for dinner) 
12. AN ACT OF KINDNESS (By these two. Who now helps me by carrying the baskets at the supermarket)
13. SALTY (Our favorite snack)
14. KITCHEN (Kid approved dinner made yummier by Quickmelt cheese which I brought back from Manila) 
15. DELICATE (This cutting tool is the answer to all my printable stickers especially Little Blue Garden's)
16. WRITTEN (I write plans down so I'm pressured to do them. Off to read now.)
17. I’M OBSESSED WITH... these Happy Skin Lippies. I know, I know, I have more than enough. 
18. EARLY (Yes, we beat the lunch hour crowd. No queues, no people.)
19. LATE (Late post. Starting our Saturday very late.)
20. BRIDGE (During weekdays, you'd find Pokemon Go players here. On weekends, it's full of photographers.) 
21. LEGS (A tired toddler recharging after running around after church) 
22. HAPPY (Our little ray of sunshine)
23. SAD (The sad state of my nail polish. I couldn't even find the time to remove it.)
24. ANGRY (Oh I would be angry at Cat in the Hat, too. I do not like a messy house.)
25. SCARED (When I get scared or started to feel anxious, I rely on these verses to get me through)
26. EXCITED (Can't wait to use these stickers to mark our date nights. Is tomorrow too soon?) 
27. LUCKY (Babysitter is available so husband and I got to go out on a date. Yay!) 
28. HAT (Caleb's favorite hat to wear is this cheap straw one from Daiso. We're not exactly thrilled about his choice.😂)
29. LIFE (Our indoor plant is multiplying)
30. UMBRELLA (Found this colorful umbrella on display in an office building)
31. SUNSET (We sadly don't get a view of the sunset from where we live. This is the best I could find.)

How was your August? 

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