My June 2016

It sure has been a while! I am just ecstatic to complete a full month of photos. Hopefully, I get back my motivation. Slowly but surely.

How have you been? Life's been good for us. God has been extremely good.  Health wise, we are all well.

Our eldest son has finished Year 1. We were told he had been a hard worker and a Mr. Congeniality in the making. 

While our toddler surprises us with new words, complete short sentences and eagerness to be in school. He is ready to go to school, our budget is not. 

Presenting my June 2016...

1. Key
2. Treat (Ladies who brunch)
3. Purple (Eyes on MAC: Purple Times Nine and NARS Dominique) 
4. Reflection (My eldest had a wonderful time with his friends, a treat from the wonderful ladies from church. Not my photo. But this is perfect for today's prompt. Soar high my dearest.) 
5. On my to-do list (It's Sunday, I pretty much leave the day open for anything the boys want to do)
6. Mistake (He got it all correct when I reviewed him. Then he forgot on test day itself.) 
7. Cute (Someone vandalized one of our plastic container cover. Oh my heart!) 
8. Where I stood (Today, I was invited to a café ran by 6-year olds.)
9. Four things (What I'm currently loving - highlight palette, holy grail level eyeliner, anti mosquito cologne for the boys and cute new notepad)
10. Partial (Our once unobstructed view)
11. Me time (Husband has to work the whole day so "me time" is waiting for this little one to sleep while watching TV.)
12. Stairs (Emergency exit. The only stairs I can find at the moment.)
13. Begins with M (It's Dr Seuss week in school and today is Madness Monday. He wore his clothes inside out.)
14. Pile (Need to tackle this. HASHTAG: I hate paperwork.)
15. The floor (Someone went shopping )
16. Vibrant (Summer scents from Bath & Body Works)
17. My name (Written by my favorite 6-year old. It even comes with a drawing.) 
18. Something alive (We found a snail)
19. No filter (My two loves waiting for the boat) 
20. Water (9th glass of water today)
21. Looking up (It has been unusually rainy in Bangkok lately)
22. Delicious (Chocolate + marshmallow. So good.)
23. Far (I cherish each and every postcard sent to me. Latest addition is Grand Canyon card.)  
24. Gold (I would always go for rose gold.)
25. I shop here (H&M. Their price points are always reasonable.)
26. Handwritten (Week 27 verse)
27. Loud (It's the first day of school break. And I have them home the whole day playing, screaming or fighting with each other. Goodbye silence.) 
28. Quiet (While my boys sleep, I try to get some workout done.)  
29. Sunshine (Somedays you just have to create your own sunshine.)
30. Stripes (Oh how I love thee)

See you again next month! May the other half of 2016 treat you well.

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