My February 2016

Yes, we are here again, another end of the month. How was your February? 

Valentine's day happened. My husband and I went out on a seafood lunch date. Yum! 

Our eldest had his half term break. Uh-oh. Two kids at home. 

Madonna came to Bangkok.

We ended the month with most of us sick. Boo.

Irma's February 2016
And the rest of my February went like this--

1. Drink (Water is good. Zero calories.)
2. So colourful (I have this caddy which keeps most of my colorful pens, post its, washi tapes.)
3. Car (...Traffic jam when you're already late...)
4. Texture (Breakfast)
5. Coffee (But first, coffee)
6. Just now (How do I tell them we need to leave?😬)
7. I ate here (We had pizza for lunch after church service.)
8. Family (Us❤️)
9. A corner (My little corner where I plan, where I write)
10. Pink (My favorite color, obviously)
11. A wall
12. Paper (The best Valentine cards are made by my eldest son.)
13. A pet (Since we have no pet, I snapped a photo of this dog while we were walking)
14. My happy place (Checking out new releases)
15. Yellow & blue (My toddler's snack cup which he brings everywhere. Oh, he likes his snacks.)
16. Empty (My introvert self loves empty hallways.)
17. A door (Our eldest son insisted I put up his art work of the loch ness monster on our wall. Hmmm.. I put it up on the door instead.)
18. In the background (Our Philippine booth set-up at Javi's school)
19. Breakfast (My idea of a light breakfast)
20. Keeping fit (We walk a lot and climb stairs in Bangkok)
21. Hobby (What keeps me busy now: decorating my planner)
22. Ice cream (Yum!)
23. Pastel (Washable markers which I also use as ink for my stamp)
24. Path
25. Peek-a-boo (A sneak peek of what's inside my boys' toy drawer)
26. Out of place (Someone decided to go ahead and write in our family calendar)
27. A shape (A Beauty Blender sponge)
28. I love this! (My very first make-up purchase for 2016. Self control at work.)
29. Leap (Yes, a frog)

Trust your February went well. Hoping March will be a better one for all of us.

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