My January 2016

Hello again! How has your 2016 been so far?

The first month flew by so fast. Too fast.

Our highlights are --

  • My family's trip to Bangkok to be with us for the New Year holiday
  • Jed's birthday
  • Jed's latest CT scan results are clear and his blood tests are normal. Praise God!
  • Prayer & Fasting
  • My first discipleship (One-2-One) session and I lead!
  • Jed's business trip to Manila and of course the pasalubong from home
  • Bangkok's cooler temperature which lasted a week.
  • Javi's football and karate classes for the 2nd term begins
  • Javi's Sports Day in school and his team won

For the rest of what happened this month, please read on:

1. Black and White (My 5th new year in Bangkok) 
2. What I did today (Dinner with my sister before we headed out to shop where I ended up buying nothing for me. Yes to less spending this year.)
3. Water (With the holidays and house guests, we ran out of drinking water. Oh please, I hope there is delivery tomorrow.)
4. Circle (Tarte At First Blush Deluxe Amazonian Clay Blush Set. Gift from my sister. These are so pigmented. My new favorite.)
5. Leaves (Pencil from Tita Ninang's Beijing trip)
6. Something blue (Now this is my kind of blue)
7. Reading (How I usually begin a new year)
8. Landscape (Too many construction happening in our area. We used to have an awesome view. Now, it's condominiums.) 
9. Shoes (I would like to thank my shoe sponsors, my brother and my sister-in-law, for these black flats.)
10. Lucky (2016 is the Year of the Monkey for the Chinese. I have no idea who will be lucky this year as I stopped believing in animal zodiac or any zodiac signs for that matter.)
11. Outdoors (Our everyday concrete jungle)
12. Something I wore (My everyday make up basket where I put different items every week to make sure I go through what's in my stash.)
13. Three of a kind (The kids' Happy Meal toys) 
14. Close-up (If you have a good eye, you will spot the different one) 
15. Mail (Happy mail from wonderful people. These were sent throughout the holiday season.)
16. Chair (I wonder how many more times I'd sit on this bench watching and waiting for my son/s to finish his/their football class. Javi is the only one enrolled  right now, but of course Caleb would follow suit.) 
17. Faceless (This supercute is extremely happy with his ID from Kids Church)
18. White (I love everything about Baymax and the movie Big Hero Six.) 
19. In the hand (Yes, I have to use my new mug. Hello early mornings!)
20. Patterns (I love love love washi tapes. Here are the ones I use to decorate my planners.)
21. Morning (Good morning from rainy Bangkok)
22. Night (As my eldest would say, we are closing the house. Good night!) 
23. Play (Saturday morning football class)
24. Window (We have excellent ventilation in our building. Air freely flows.)
25. Numbers (It is 12 noon and we have a wonderful temperature of 19C here in Bangkok.)
26. Simplicity (We finally have a current photo of the boys in a frame hanging in their room.)
27. Telephone (The least used appliance at home)
28. Smile (He gives me the best smile every single time.)
29. Home (We consider several cities our home. But it really is where my three boys are.) 
30. Flatlay (I like decorating my planners with stickers. These monthly kits from Luckaty are beautiful and go well with the color scheme of my Inkwell Press Planner.) 
31. Me (On the train for some sort of me time.)

Hoping the beginning of the year holds a promising 2016 for you!

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