My August 2016

Hello hello again!

July was absolutely crazy I missed posting an update. We visited the Philippines for almost three weeks, then came back home and spend the rest of school break with my boys.  

Here we are now and August is about to bid goodbye. This month went by so fast.  Even my eldest thought so. Well, he does want to days to go by fast as he cannot wait for his birthday which is still in October.  

The husband went on a business trip to Las Vegas beginning of August. He came back with my new toy - a MacBook Air which I saved for eight months. Hopefully, this will prompt me to post more.

Javi is now back in school. He started Year 2. 

Caleb can go to school but we decided to keep him here with me at home for now. I don't want to let my baby go to school yet. But next year, he has to be in school.

And here's a peek at how my August went --

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1. COLOURFUL (And I love my Staedler Triplus Fineliner pens) 
2. MONEY (Old and new Thai bills. Yes, we use the cash envelope system.) 
3. SHADOW (I told him to make a dog😁)
4. GEOMETRIC (Latest make-up haul and gifts 💕) 
5. SIDE BY SIDE (My garbage boys. I don't think they are very happy about it.) 
6. FLORAL (Attended a first birthday party at the most baby/kid friendly restaurant I've been to in Bangkok) 
7. CLOUDS (Cloudy with very big chance of rain)
8. FENCE (A page from one of Javi's favorite book, Paddington at the Palace) 
9. DRAW (This one goes through sheets of paper so fast. He sure loves to draw whatever comes to mind.) 
10. BLUE + WHITE (That pretty tea pot and tea cup at an advanced Mother's day celebration) 
11. MEAL TIME (We're having soup for dinner) 
12. AN ACT OF KINDNESS (By these two. Who now helps me by carrying the baskets at the supermarket)
13. SALTY (Our favorite snack)
14. KITCHEN (Kid approved dinner made yummier by Quickmelt cheese which I brought back from Manila) 
15. DELICATE (This cutting tool is the answer to all my printable stickers especially Little Blue Garden's)
16. WRITTEN (I write plans down so I'm pressured to do them. Off to read now.)
17. I’M OBSESSED WITH... these Happy Skin Lippies. I know, I know, I have more than enough. 
18. EARLY (Yes, we beat the lunch hour crowd. No queues, no people.)
19. LATE (Late post. Starting our Saturday very late.)
20. BRIDGE (During weekdays, you'd find Pokemon Go players here. On weekends, it's full of photographers.) 
21. LEGS (A tired toddler recharging after running around after church) 
22. HAPPY (Our little ray of sunshine)
23. SAD (The sad state of my nail polish. I couldn't even find the time to remove it.)
24. ANGRY (Oh I would be angry at Cat in the Hat, too. I do not like a messy house.)
25. SCARED (When I get scared or started to feel anxious, I rely on these verses to get me through)
26. EXCITED (Can't wait to use these stickers to mark our date nights. Is tomorrow too soon?) 
27. LUCKY (Babysitter is available so husband and I got to go out on a date. Yay!) 
28. HAT (Caleb's favorite hat to wear is this cheap straw one from Daiso. We're not exactly thrilled about his choice.😂)
29. LIFE (Our indoor plant is multiplying)
30. UMBRELLA (Found this colorful umbrella on display in an office building)
31. SUNSET (We sadly don't get a view of the sunset from where we live. This is the best I could find.)

How was your August? 

My June 2016

It sure has been a while! I am just ecstatic to complete a full month of photos. Hopefully, I get back my motivation. Slowly but surely.

How have you been? Life's been good for us. God has been extremely good.  Health wise, we are all well.

Our eldest son has finished Year 1. We were told he had been a hard worker and a Mr. Congeniality in the making. 

While our toddler surprises us with new words, complete short sentences and eagerness to be in school. He is ready to go to school, our budget is not. 

Presenting my June 2016...

1. Key
2. Treat (Ladies who brunch)
3. Purple (Eyes on MAC: Purple Times Nine and NARS Dominique) 
4. Reflection (My eldest had a wonderful time with his friends, a treat from the wonderful ladies from church. Not my photo. But this is perfect for today's prompt. Soar high my dearest.) 
5. On my to-do list (It's Sunday, I pretty much leave the day open for anything the boys want to do)
6. Mistake (He got it all correct when I reviewed him. Then he forgot on test day itself.) 
7. Cute (Someone vandalized one of our plastic container cover. Oh my heart!) 
8. Where I stood (Today, I was invited to a café ran by 6-year olds.)
9. Four things (What I'm currently loving - highlight palette, holy grail level eyeliner, anti mosquito cologne for the boys and cute new notepad)
10. Partial (Our once unobstructed view)
11. Me time (Husband has to work the whole day so "me time" is waiting for this little one to sleep while watching TV.)
12. Stairs (Emergency exit. The only stairs I can find at the moment.)
13. Begins with M (It's Dr Seuss week in school and today is Madness Monday. He wore his clothes inside out.)
14. Pile (Need to tackle this. HASHTAG: I hate paperwork.)
15. The floor (Someone went shopping )
16. Vibrant (Summer scents from Bath & Body Works)
17. My name (Written by my favorite 6-year old. It even comes with a drawing.) 
18. Something alive (We found a snail)
19. No filter (My two loves waiting for the boat) 
20. Water (9th glass of water today)
21. Looking up (It has been unusually rainy in Bangkok lately)
22. Delicious (Chocolate + marshmallow. So good.)
23. Far (I cherish each and every postcard sent to me. Latest addition is Grand Canyon card.)  
24. Gold (I would always go for rose gold.)
25. I shop here (H&M. Their price points are always reasonable.)
26. Handwritten (Week 27 verse)
27. Loud (It's the first day of school break. And I have them home the whole day playing, screaming or fighting with each other. Goodbye silence.) 
28. Quiet (While my boys sleep, I try to get some workout done.)  
29. Sunshine (Somedays you just have to create your own sunshine.)
30. Stripes (Oh how I love thee)

See you again next month! May the other half of 2016 treat you well.

My February 2016

Yes, we are here again, another end of the month. How was your February? 

Valentine's day happened. My husband and I went out on a seafood lunch date. Yum! 

Our eldest had his half term break. Uh-oh. Two kids at home. 

Madonna came to Bangkok.

We ended the month with most of us sick. Boo.

Irma's February 2016
And the rest of my February went like this--

1. Drink (Water is good. Zero calories.)
2. So colourful (I have this caddy which keeps most of my colorful pens, post its, washi tapes.)
3. Car (...Traffic jam when you're already late...)
4. Texture (Breakfast)
5. Coffee (But first, coffee)
6. Just now (How do I tell them we need to leave?😬)
7. I ate here (We had pizza for lunch after church service.)
8. Family (Us❤️)
9. A corner (My little corner where I plan, where I write)
10. Pink (My favorite color, obviously)
11. A wall
12. Paper (The best Valentine cards are made by my eldest son.)
13. A pet (Since we have no pet, I snapped a photo of this dog while we were walking)
14. My happy place (Checking out new releases)
15. Yellow & blue (My toddler's snack cup which he brings everywhere. Oh, he likes his snacks.)
16. Empty (My introvert self loves empty hallways.)
17. A door (Our eldest son insisted I put up his art work of the loch ness monster on our wall. Hmmm.. I put it up on the door instead.)
18. In the background (Our Philippine booth set-up at Javi's school)
19. Breakfast (My idea of a light breakfast)
20. Keeping fit (We walk a lot and climb stairs in Bangkok)
21. Hobby (What keeps me busy now: decorating my planner)
22. Ice cream (Yum!)
23. Pastel (Washable markers which I also use as ink for my stamp)
24. Path
25. Peek-a-boo (A sneak peek of what's inside my boys' toy drawer)
26. Out of place (Someone decided to go ahead and write in our family calendar)
27. A shape (A Beauty Blender sponge)
28. I love this! (My very first make-up purchase for 2016. Self control at work.)
29. Leap (Yes, a frog)

Trust your February went well. Hoping March will be a better one for all of us.

My January 2016

Hello again! How has your 2016 been so far?

The first month flew by so fast. Too fast.

Our highlights are --

  • My family's trip to Bangkok to be with us for the New Year holiday
  • Jed's birthday
  • Jed's latest CT scan results are clear and his blood tests are normal. Praise God!
  • Prayer & Fasting
  • My first discipleship (One-2-One) session and I lead!
  • Jed's business trip to Manila and of course the pasalubong from home
  • Bangkok's cooler temperature which lasted a week.
  • Javi's football and karate classes for the 2nd term begins
  • Javi's Sports Day in school and his team won

For the rest of what happened this month, please read on:

1. Black and White (My 5th new year in Bangkok) 
2. What I did today (Dinner with my sister before we headed out to shop where I ended up buying nothing for me. Yes to less spending this year.)
3. Water (With the holidays and house guests, we ran out of drinking water. Oh please, I hope there is delivery tomorrow.)
4. Circle (Tarte At First Blush Deluxe Amazonian Clay Blush Set. Gift from my sister. These are so pigmented. My new favorite.)
5. Leaves (Pencil from Tita Ninang's Beijing trip)
6. Something blue (Now this is my kind of blue)
7. Reading (How I usually begin a new year)
8. Landscape (Too many construction happening in our area. We used to have an awesome view. Now, it's condominiums.) 
9. Shoes (I would like to thank my shoe sponsors, my brother and my sister-in-law, for these black flats.)
10. Lucky (2016 is the Year of the Monkey for the Chinese. I have no idea who will be lucky this year as I stopped believing in animal zodiac or any zodiac signs for that matter.)
11. Outdoors (Our everyday concrete jungle)
12. Something I wore (My everyday make up basket where I put different items every week to make sure I go through what's in my stash.)
13. Three of a kind (The kids' Happy Meal toys) 
14. Close-up (If you have a good eye, you will spot the different one) 
15. Mail (Happy mail from wonderful people. These were sent throughout the holiday season.)
16. Chair (I wonder how many more times I'd sit on this bench watching and waiting for my son/s to finish his/their football class. Javi is the only one enrolled  right now, but of course Caleb would follow suit.) 
17. Faceless (This supercute is extremely happy with his ID from Kids Church)
18. White (I love everything about Baymax and the movie Big Hero Six.) 
19. In the hand (Yes, I have to use my new mug. Hello early mornings!)
20. Patterns (I love love love washi tapes. Here are the ones I use to decorate my planners.)
21. Morning (Good morning from rainy Bangkok)
22. Night (As my eldest would say, we are closing the house. Good night!) 
23. Play (Saturday morning football class)
24. Window (We have excellent ventilation in our building. Air freely flows.)
25. Numbers (It is 12 noon and we have a wonderful temperature of 19C here in Bangkok.)
26. Simplicity (We finally have a current photo of the boys in a frame hanging in their room.)
27. Telephone (The least used appliance at home)
28. Smile (He gives me the best smile every single time.)
29. Home (We consider several cities our home. But it really is where my three boys are.) 
30. Flatlay (I like decorating my planners with stickers. These monthly kits from Luckaty are beautiful and go well with the color scheme of my Inkwell Press Planner.) 
31. Me (On the train for some sort of me time.)

Hoping the beginning of the year holds a promising 2016 for you!

Our 2015 Family Photos

It's 2016, time to resurrect my neglected blog. 

Thought it'd be fitting for my first post to be about our updated family photos. Ideally, I would like updated ones every year. I say it is important to document the children growing up.

Unfortunately, we opted not to have our family photos taken by a professional last 2014 as we were going through a rough journey.  

For 2015, God has been awesome, and we had the opportunity to update our photos.  We sought the services of our well loved MyM Photography again. Mia is now working with another friend, Erika. They are a delight to work with.

And how we loved how our photos turned out. If you want to see our 2013 version, please click here.

My favorite family photo

Another good one

This is the one that made the Christmas card for 2015


My three loves

Me and my two boys
Be still my mommy heart
Oh how I love these two
Photos were taken at the Benjasiri Park in Bangkok.

Hopefully, we will have another updated one by end of this year.

Wishing you a wonderful 2016!

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