My Favorite Fall TV Shows

Even if I live on the other side of the world, I have been a follower of American (and British) television shows. 

And with today's technology, it is easy to keep up to date of the current season's latest episodes. 

Here's a list of TV shows I watch -

Downton Abbey season 6
Downton Abbey. It's the show's last season. Sad face. 

The Good Wife season 7
The Good Wife. Haha, yes this is Jeffrey Dean Morgan and I am thrilled he joined the show. I thought I was devastated when Archie Panjabi left. Boy, was I in for some treat. 

Grey's Anatomy season 12
Grey's Anatomy. I almost gave up on this show when they killed Derek Shepard. I still refuse to watch those episodes but I moved on and continued to watch the new season about Meredith's life after Derek. 

Homeland season 5
Homeland. This show continues to keep me interested. I do love mind boggling thriller. 

How To Get Away With Murder season 2
How To Get Away With Murder. Viola Davis is a brilliant actress. She deserves that Emmy award. 

Madam Secretary season 2
Madam Secretary. Well, I used to work for Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs & International Trade as a local staff years ago. The reason why this show appeals to me. 

Modern Family season 7
Modern Family. I need comedy in my life. And I have watched this one for years. 

Scandal season 5
Scandal. Yes, I am still hooked on this one. Not because of the Liv & Fitz affair. I watch this show because of the side stories. 

Top Chef season 13
Top Chef. I have yet to watch as it has not started yet. Cooking shows makes its way to my heart.

New show alert!

Supergirl season 1
Supergirl. The cast is promising. I have seen the pilot episode and it's Devil Wears Prada meets superhero. 

So what are the shows you are watching this year?

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