My Favorite Fall TV Shows

Even if I live on the other side of the world, I have been a follower of American (and British) television shows. 

And with today's technology, it is easy to keep up to date of the current season's latest episodes. 

Here's a list of TV shows I watch -

Downton Abbey season 6
Downton Abbey. It's the show's last season. Sad face. 

The Good Wife season 7
The Good Wife. Haha, yes this is Jeffrey Dean Morgan and I am thrilled he joined the show. I thought I was devastated when Archie Panjabi left. Boy, was I in for some treat. 

Grey's Anatomy season 12
Grey's Anatomy. I almost gave up on this show when they killed Derek Shepard. I still refuse to watch those episodes but I moved on and continued to watch the new season about Meredith's life after Derek. 

Homeland season 5
Homeland. This show continues to keep me interested. I do love mind boggling thriller. 

How To Get Away With Murder season 2
How To Get Away With Murder. Viola Davis is a brilliant actress. She deserves that Emmy award. 

Madam Secretary season 2
Madam Secretary. Well, I used to work for Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs & International Trade as a local staff years ago. The reason why this show appeals to me. 

Modern Family season 7
Modern Family. I need comedy in my life. And I have watched this one for years. 

Scandal season 5
Scandal. Yes, I am still hooked on this one. Not because of the Liv & Fitz affair. I watch this show because of the side stories. 

Top Chef season 13
Top Chef. I have yet to watch as it has not started yet. Cooking shows makes its way to my heart.

New show alert!

Supergirl season 1
Supergirl. The cast is promising. I have seen the pilot episode and it's Devil Wears Prada meets superhero. 

So what are the shows you are watching this year?

My October 2015

I am back again after a couple of month's unplanned hiatus. My Collect app was not working well and I couldn't make the collage at the end of each month. And I waited and waited for an update to fix it but nothing. I emailed them but no response. Well, I figured out how to go around it - by not syncing to iCloud while the bug still exists.

Oh how I miss blogging!

And here's how my October went ---

1. Oops (Poor Spidey)
2. Garden ("Garden" sighting in Makro. Friday is grocery shopping day so I get to enjoy my weekend.)
3. I saw this! (What a gloomy Saturday morning. Boo hoo.)
4. Tradition (A hearty breakfast on weekends) 
5. A is for... Apple slices with Reese's spread. So yummy!
6. B is for... Book. Tuesday is Library Day. My eldest brought this book home for us to read. 
7. C is for... Coffee to go. On my way to my very first PTC meeting. 
8. D is for... Door. My view while waiting for my son's school bus. 
9. E is for... Eggs. Came from buying groceries. Yup, that's how I start a weekend. The life of a homemaker. 
10. F is for... Fast food dinner on a Saturday night while watching Meet the Parents on cable TV. 
11. G is for... Game results when we  practiced for the World Education Games Javi's school is joining this Tuesday. We are so going to lose!
12. H is for... Homework. Now when did a first grader homework become this hard? The struggle is real.  
13. I is for... Ink. Erasable ink. 
14. J is for... Jeans. I wish this skinny jeans is mine but it belongs to my cuddly toddler. 
15. K is for... Key. And the most important for me is the mailbox key.
16. L is for... Love!  
17. M is for... Marriage Booster. Appreciate how our church regularly conducts these extremely helpful sessions. 
18. N is for... New! Husband is finally back from his very long business trip and I asked him to get me these.
19. O is for... Oats. Boring but healthy breakfast. 
20. P is for... Pencils. No, they are not mine. These are the pencils my son uses for his homework. 
21. Q is for... Quiet time. Or not so quiet time since it is half term break. But this has to happen every single day.
22. R is for... Rose. My Milani Rose powder blushes. 
23. S is for... Stickers. Oh no, what have I gotten myself into? 
24. T is for... Tickets. Jed and I saw The Intern and we loved it.
25. U is for...Uniform. I love this tag on my son's school uniform where I can write his name and other details. 
26. V is for... View. 
27. W is for... White coffee. Still not as good as my favorite Great Taste White Coffee, but it can satisfy my craving.
28. X is for... Xmas or Christmas. And it's coming SOON. 
29. Y is for... this bright and cheerful color Yellow. 
30. Z is for... Zipper from my favorite bag of the moment. 
31. One (From my sons' educational books)

Down to the last two months for 2015. Gosh, why so fast??

Have a great November! It's my favorite month.

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