My July 2015

We started July with my eldest finishing pre-school. Sniff, sniff.

It's school/summer vacation for my 5-year old. I feel like I am running a daycare center at home with two kids. Every week, I schedule a playdate for my boys, otherwise they would drive me crazy. So far, it has worked well, both boys are happy and I am exhausted. All is well.

Want to know how I stay busy with my boys, read on --

1. In the house (It's Javi's last week in preschool. Sniff sniff. He brought home all his projects for this term.) 
2. Signed. Sealed. Delivered. (And opened! Mail is here. It's something exciting.)  
3. Outing (We celebrated Javi's end of preschool.)  
4. Red, White, Blue (My weekend starts here. The life of a homemaker.) 
5. Me today (I was a harassed momma. Husband is away on a business trip. I had to go out with these two and we had a busy day.)  
6. My name (Beautifully written by my eldest) 
7. Minimalistic (Travel organizers in grey and light pink. Well done, Peninsula Hong Kong.) 
8. Inside my fridge  
9. Street (A typical side street in Bangkok with the motor taxi, street food vendor and traffic on the main road.) 
10. My story
11. Late (Running late for my church's Women's Brunch. Picked up a non-coffee and non-dairy drink because of the medicines I am taking. Boo for no coffee.) 
12. Early (Before sunrise.) 
13. Calm (My idea of calm is when my things are in their designated places or spaces. All is well in the world.) 
14. Chaos (These two. Who would even think I'd end up raising two sons.) 
15. On my mind (Preparing myself for a very busy August.) 
16. Starts with T (Toddler and his toys)
17. Special (Weekend calls for a proper breakfast.) 
18. Book (Still reading I Used to Be So Organized: Help for Reclaiming Order and Peace by Glynnis Whitwer.) 
19. Sign (Marked or rather chipped by Caleb. Oops.)  
20. Car (I absolutely adore the vibrant colors of the taxis in Bangkok.) 
21. Real (Lemons are outrageously expensive in Thailand. I found out Makro sells them at a reasonable price. These three weighing 600 grams for almost 2USD is not bad.)  
22. Fake (Grass, plants, flowers at this display inside a building)  
23. Toy (My Caleb is hard at work) 
24. Bloom (These flowers are beautiful and reasonably priced, well for me. Would make great gifts.)  
25. Two of us (We still babywear. It's the easiest way to get around. But it won't be for long as my little one is growing fast.) 
26. Negative space (I have been waiting for this Patent Shine 10X line of Butter London. Available now in Sephora Thailand. Trying out the shades Fancy and Jolly Good.)
27. Clouds (Gloomy weather. Hello rainy season.) 
28. Looking in (Made "meatballs" out of zucchini and it's a bit mushy.)  
29. Looking out (Mommies day out)
30. Trash (One man's trash is another man's treasure.)
31. I bought it! (When Temptalia recommends, I buy, especially a Wet N' Wild product.)

How was your July, and how is August treating you so far?

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