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Apps have been my favorite thing since I owned my very first smartphone. I discovered I am a geek at heart. I currently have 144 apps on my phone. And I regularly delete those I no longer use. 

I am loving this organizing app, Snupps. I got excited when I learned such an app exists. 

I can add and keep track of everything I own but I chose to start with my make up  items. 

My private shelves in Snupps
You can add your own photos. I am lazy and I snatched photos from Google plus I want the items with a white background and with the same theme. It's easier for me to get the photos from Google. My shelves are set in private so it's only me who has access. No copyright issues.

My eyeshadow palettes

If I didn't create this shelf, I'd end up purchasing eyeshadow palettes of the same shades.

A wishlist!

I love my Wishlist shelf, (it's so much fun to keep one) I add those I want, then after a while, I'd realize I do not really need them in the first place.  

The advantage of tracking products I own is it keeps me from buying (especially on impulse) stuff I do not need. I will check first if I already own the same shade, if yes, then I drop it from my wish list. This saved me a lot of money and also kept me from buying too many useless things.  Seriously, I would be alarmed if I find 50 shades of nude lipstick in my collection.  

It also keeps my make up stash to a reasonable number and I can rotate and use everything I have. That's the point in buying make up, right, to use them and not just keep them.

Later on, I will add my clothes, my washi tape, even my Starbucks collection to my Snupps. I love knowing what I have and it stops me from buying the same thing.

Have you heard of Snupps? Are you using it? Download now, it's free!

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  1. Dear irma
    hi irms, i pm'd you maybe a month ago. I just dnt know if you received it. Not so good with this. Well i hope this reaches you.
    I chancef upon your blog . And i am at a loss for i dont know how to react to what you went through and are currently hoing through right now. But i know youre strong. Your inner strength alwsys shone through. I am not religious nor will i pretend to be one just so i can write you this. But i hope for contiuous strength be given to you and i wish i can take away your pain as well as your husbands'. But i believe that we are where we are supposed to be in life. Whrther in pain or joy, its how we choose to live that matters. Thank you for being a part of my life in another dimension. I missed u .neyz. mia thurs. Mlg


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