Social media is truly addicting. Well, the use of the smartphone is. I am always looking down holding my darn phone.

Then lately, I am ashamed of myself at how much I am hooked on social media and just connecting with people when I am neglecting spending more time with the people who truly matters to me - my husband and our sons. I am ashamed how they always find me on my phone. 

One day, I decided to put down my phone and spend my day with less of it. As expected, I was more productive. I engaged my family members more. I read more. I have more tasks on my to-do lists and I finish them all. I even found the time to blog.

My no phone times:
  • No phone until I finish my quiet time (God first before the world) in the morning
  • No phone while I help my husband and son get ready for work and school respectively
  • No phone during meal times
  • No phone when I put the boys down to sleep
  • No phone when I spend time with my husband at night
  • I turn off the WiFi on my phone before sleeping so no checking the phone in the middle of the night 

As I try very hard to implement these, it feels great to be without the phone which is making a slave out of me but I refuse to let it take over my life that I miss out on what is truly important. 

Yes, I may not chat with friends as much as before. I had to sacrifice that. I trimmed down my list of accounts that I follow on IG and Twitter or even the blogs I read so it doesn't require that much screen time. What matters to me now is that I spend quality time with the people who's here with me and leaves me time to do things I have always wanted to do. I don't want my sons' memory of me when they were small to be of me on the phone all the time. I had to change that. 

I have neglected my Facebook account. I hardly check it except to check on posts from Sephora.  Of all the social media platform, Facebook is my least favorite. I have Messenger so people can private message me (but please be patient as I only check this once a day) and Groups for church announcement. I occasionally post on Twitter (@irmaloveslife) and I regularly post on Instagram (@irmaloveslife).

A couple of articles I read which inspired me to go ahead and unplug:

*social media is FULL of drama

*helped me in trimming down my list of contacts and accounts I follow

*why I stay away from Facebook

The Problem With Venting by Shawn Lovejoy
*another reason why I am staying away from Facebook. People vent too much and they post it for the world to read.

Have you ever unplugged? How was it?

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