TAG: Ten Things That Make Me Happy

I was tagged by my dear cousin in her post in Instagram. It gave me an idea for a great blog post. 

The IG post

We all know how God, my husband and sons and all the closest people in my life bring me joy, for this list, it will  be the simple things or gestures that excites me. 

Here are my ten simple joys --

  1. A good cup of coffee
  2. Sunrises and sunsets
  3. Eggs Benedict
  4. Productivity apps
  5. Handwritten notes (especially the ones from my eldest son)
  6. Beauty products (make-up & nail polish)
  7. Staycations (It would have been travelling but having small children makes it hard that I'd rather staycation.)
  8. Anything pink
  9. Organizing ideas and life hacks
  10. Dates with my husband
What are your ten things?

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