My May 2015

It feels so good to complete a whole month of daily photos. So glad to be back and on track. We say goodbye to May and it was awesome.  

Here's how my May went --

1. Want (I created a wish list in Snupps of make up I want. I keep the list then after a while, I realize I don't really like the things I added. And the ones I can't get off my mind would've been purchased already.)
2. Faceless self-portrait (That's my shadow right there. And I added a nice quote.) 
3. A cup (Well, what else will I drink in the morning? I am definitely a coffee person.)
4. Today I saw (You had me at NEW. Had to check out the Brazil Collection of Bath & Body Works. Perfect for summer.)
5. Red (I have two boys, so it makes Spider-Man a staple in our home.) 
6. 10 o'clock (Stayed at home for a change. I need a quiet day after a very busy weekend which extended to yesterday's non-working holiday. Had time to juice.)
7. Key (The key to my sons' happiness. Yes, even a crushed Kinder Surprise. I don't know what it is with the Kinder eggs but kids LOVE them.)  
8. Four things (MAC Thailand is spoiling their buyers. I bought the Purple Times Nine palette and it arrived with the other four items. The eyeshadow brush, MAC 235, was part of a promo while the rest were freebies.) 
9. Peaceful (My neighborhood on a quiet and traffic-free Saturday) 
10. Playground (The little one had to ride the horse after his dip at the pool.) 
11. Upside-down (I use up every single drop of my bath products before I replace them with new ones.) 
12. Eyes (One way for my eldest to let me know how he feels is through his drawings and notes for me. Yup, that's me with a flower on my head, those heart-shaped eyes and cheeks full of blush.) 
13. Hands (My little one's cute chubby hands)  
14. Heart (Found this structure outside a building we passed by today.)  
15. I found this... (Gifts for me. One came from the mail and another one delivered personally. They are make-up bags.) 
16. Clean (The heat is too much. I ended up buying another hat.)  
17. Home (I had no idea the print on this reusable foldable bag is Manila attractions. I love it!)  
18. Musical (My little musician.) 
19. My mood today (Husband has been away on a trip. I've been exhausted and sleepy but full of love from the two boys.)  
20. Equal (Bangkok rush hour traffic on both sides of the road.) 
21. In a drawer (My favorite acrylic drawers with eyeshadows and blushes) 
22. Weather (It's a beautiful clear afternoon in Bangkok with a heat index of 41C)  
23. Good times (I love receiving postcards especially from family and friends who travel. I adapted the tradition when I travel and send out postcards.) 
24. Rule of thirds  
25. Lucky (A free drink)
27. Borrowed (Books from school which my eldest reads to me to practice reading. And the Dinosaur book he picked out from the library is what he wants me to read to him at bedtime.😁)  
28. Pink (Happy Skin's Beauty in Bloom Duo lippies)
29. Starts with S (A spoonful of shattered Sticko)  
30. Over there (There are rows of restaurants in those Guggenheim type floors in this newest mall in Bangkok. I must say I am pretty impressed.)  
31. Ha ha ha (My two boys had so much fun in the bathtub. Told them they now have grandpa hands.) 

I'm now off to another busy month. Hello June!

How did your May go?

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