My June 2015

June has been a great month. Watch out for tomorrow's post as I explain why.

Thank you Lord, it's all because of You we cherished this month.

My day to day went like this --

1. Many (Oh my dear sweet tooth!) 
2. Looking up (Rode the boat because traffic is so bad. And here's what we saw, the best hotel in Bangkok. Of course, we are biased.) 
3. Silly (These two do the silliest things to amuse themselves. And they could laugh hard. Music to my ears.) 
4. Starts with B (Brushes. I washed them yesterday and they are all clean now. Majority of my brushes are Real Techniques and Zoeva. I still use my very first brushes from Shu Uemura. I have a couple from MAC, Sephora and elf. And the rest are brushes I picked up through the years which became favorites.) 
5. Looking down (Friday night traffic. Weekend is here!) 
6. Who I am 
7. Forgotten (This community mall next to our building closed late last year. Rumors said a condominium will replace it. But until now, it hasn't been torn down.) 
8. Sadness (Someone didn't get what he wanted.) 
9. Disgust (My eldest dislikes anything raw. He would gag when I bring him with me to the meat and seafood section of the grocery. He would complain about the smell of seafood when I cook them at home.) 
10. Anger (When my eldest is not happy with me - usually when I discipline him - he would make me notes and I am supposedly crying with a crossed out heart.) 
11. Fear (Mouse, rat and anyone from the mouse family.) 
12. Joy (My boys were spoiled by Uncle Chia again. This little one is overwhelmed with all the Kinder Joy in front of him.) 
13. On my mind (These three) 
14. Makes me feel good (I had a long overdue body massage today.) 
15. Sun (Sunrise. Joy comes in the morning | Psalm 30:5) 
16. Anything (What I'm doing now. Preparing for Javi's International Day at school next week. He is the only Pinoy.) 
17. Lunchtime (We were out running errands.) 
18. Local (I will never ever tire of Thai food.) 
19. 9 o'clock (So tempted to forget about my quiet time this morning. But no, I need this more especially things are about to go crazy. I have to connect with God all the more.) 20. What I’m doing now (Husband picked Insidious: Chapter 3 for our movie date. I cannot stand horror flicks but he loves them. I ended up reading Mockingjay on my phone using the Kindle app inside the theater.) 
21. Wet (My favorite dish from Up To Yuu. Steamed rice with deep fried soft tofu topped with minced pork and mushroom gravy. For only 90 baht. Yummy!) 
22. Money (I emptied my wallet and here's the cash I have. Not much, huh?) 
23. View (The little one amusing himself while we wait for Kuya Javi's school bus.) 
24. In the garden (So I went to some kind of a garden, snapped this photo of orchids and it was blurred. But I like how it turned out.) 
25. Depth of field (Puto or rice cake - a Philippine delicacy. We are so ready for Javi's International Day tomorrow.) 
26. Gift (The gift of a family. Javi did very well in singing Bahay Kubo for his International Day performance.) 
27. Mini (First look these are kangaroos but closer they could be bunnies.) 
28. Orange (Ready to eat orange slices) 
29. Animal (Our animals at home) 
30. Design (I used to have a handful of phone cases which I use depending on my mood. But for my current phone, I only want this cover. It matches everything.) 

Wow, and half of 2015 flew by so pass. How was your June?

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