End of the Starbucks Era?

I've been collecting Starbucks city mugs for three or four years now. I accumulated 330+ icon series mugs and a few mugs from other series. They were gifts, traded, bought. 

Looking back at my "mugging' season, it had been fun. It sure kept me busy (and broke). I made friends all over the world. The real friends I keep up to now. 

I've slowed down from collecting since last year. Life happened. New priorities, new interests. There are too many new releases, I feel I will never catch up. I started to feel miserable, I knew then, it was time to stop. 

From Germany. One of the harder to get ones.
Sent by a collector friend from Malaysia. 

My collection will never be complete. It's reality. No matter have obsessive compulsive I am, it is impossible to acquire all the mugs from the icon series. I am missing a number of first releases and these mugs are now selling for thousands of US dollars on eBay or through private sellers. I don't have that much money to spend on a mug and even if I have, I'd rather spend it on something else not on a mug which probably cost less than 5 USD to make.

I am happy with what I have and it's all that matters. It is my collection so I decide how big it is. One day, I will display them properly in a study room. Yes, I am missing 50 mugs but they do not matter to me. In the eyes of a non-collector, I have an awesome collection. 

The "mugging" world used to be fun, now it is very complicated. Too much envy, deception, distrust, jealousy, pride, gossip, secrecy -- all because of mugs. I don't have time for that.  I'd rather be productive elsewhere.  

To everyone who contributed to my crazy collection, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I have not forgotten. The mugs will stay with me and won't be sold or given away. 

I appreciate the friendships I made while collecting, and those who remained my friends until now, I appreciate you. Especially those who I go through life with. I am still around if you need my help. You know you can count on me..

To the hardcore muggers, good luck. My only advice, don't let these mugs consume you. If you think you can't go through life without them, you are in big trouble. You have a problem.

I am not swearing off Starbucks or the mugs from my life. I will just do it quietly, for my own peace of mind.

On to the next chapter!


  1. I share the same sentiment as you. Collecting now is so competitive now as if you will get a medal for being the first to get a new mug or complete your collection. People now are just after the USD5 mugs even if they have to sell their own friends to get them. The good side of it is I have made some wonderful friends whom are close to me as well as meeting some horrible leeches along the way where i wished our paths have never crossed in the first place

    1. It was fun for a while and I'm just glad I made friends with so many from around the world and I got to keep a few, which includes you.


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