Date Nights

Who doesn't love date nights? Or "date days" which applies more to my husband and I. 

Photo from our recent date where we took selfies with Marvel characters to show the boys.

When we had kids, it became difficult for us to go out on dates. We never got a nanny whom we can leave our kids. Since we are abroad and away from family, it is hard to find someone we can trust to leave the kids with. Plus, I used to have separation anxiety when I am away from my boys, especially with the eldest. 

I know the importance of "date nights" to married couples. How we all need that time alone away from the children. How we need to prioritize marriage. Our mentors in church had offered to look after Javi in the past so we could go out on dates.

Last year, Jed was diagnosed with cancer. I accompanied him to his treatments and hospitalizations. We were fortunate to have Jed's mom look after the boys. At that time, I would only trust family members or our spiritual family with the boys. But then God changed my heart. 

Early this year for a period of five days a month for three months, I would need to be with Jed for his adjuvant chemo session. We were left to trust our Filipina stay-out cleaning lady who have worked with us for two years and whom the boys know, to be with them while Jed and I were at the hospital. We are blessed with our stay-out house help. 

Yes, our regular "date nights" now started out in the hospital. God has a funny way of reminding us how we need to enforce it in our married life. 

If we left the kids for days with our house help then of course, she can be trusted to babysit our boys on a Saturday when Jed and I would go out on dates. 

My husband and I look forward to our Satur-dates. We watch movies, we try out new restaurants or go back to old ones we love. Just the two of us. We can talk without the boys interrupting us. 

Someday, when the boys are older, we can go on that trip alone. 

To married couples, I strongly recommend you go on regular "date nights" with your spouses. Prioritize your spouses over your children. "Date nights" are only a couple of hours a day every week or every other week or monthly. When the kids are all grown-up and have their own lives, you don't want to wake up one day and realize you are married to a stranger. Right? 

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