Self-Confessed TV Show Fanatic

I am a BIG TV fan as I am a movie buff. I have been following TV series for years now. 

My ultimate favorite TV series is 24. Surprised? Thought it'd be Friends or some girly show? Friends follows 24 as my second favorite. I am bigger fan of Jack Baueur than our group of six who loved to hang out in Central Perk.

Since last Fall 2014, I have followed these 12 shows:

Downton Abbey (season 5)
Glee (season 6 | ENDED)
The Good Wife (season 6)
Grey's Anatomy (season 11)
Homeland (season 4)
How To Get Away With Murder (season 1 | NEW)
Madam Secretary (season 1 | NEW)
Modern Family (season 6)
Parks & Recreation (season 7 | ENDED)
Revenge (season 4 | LAST)
Scandal (season 4)
Top Chef (season 12)

I am pretty much updated with all shows. Now, how do I find the time for them? Easy. They are on the background when I do house chores. 

I am such a TV fan that I use a TV show tracker app, iShows, so I won't miss an episode. 

Twelve shows are a lot. I know. I hardly have time to read books. A couple of the series ended this season and I am happy about that. I realized I need to read more and that means I have to cut down my TV show watching. 

The problem with me being obsessive complusive is once I start a series, I need to finish it. Grey's Anatomy is an exception. The recent death of a major character pissed me off I refused to watch the episode and the succeeding ones. I even deleted the show from my TV show tracker. 

Lesson learned, don't get too attached to the characters. 

I have a few shows I'd like to start on. When the current TV season ends, I will start with these shows. 

Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Once Upon A Time

Yes, I picked non-dramas. I want the plots to be as far from real life as possible. Enough of the well-loved characters dying.

Are you a TV show junkie like me? What shows do you love?

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