My Go-To Shades

Colors make me alive. I need them in my life. While I embrace color, I realized I am very conservative with my go-to shades. I tend to pick the same safe shade as my first few picks. 

Case in point, make up products. I pick the same shade of lipstick, eyeshadow palette and nail polish in a collection or brand especially if I want to try it out first.

Lipstick = Nudes

Milani Naturally Chic | NARS Audacious Anita | Maybelline A Touch of Spice
MAC Faux | MAC Bare Again | Wet N Wild Megalast Bare It All
Jordana Modern Matte Blush | Revlon Rose Velvet

Eyeshadow = Neutral (Browns)

Too Faced Natural Matte
MAC Her Cocoa (RiRi Hearts) | Sonia Kashuk Eye On Neutral 02
elf Prism Eyeshadow in Naked | Urban Decay Naked

Nail Polish = Nudes

Zoya Sally
Butter London Pink Ribbon
Zoya Kennedy | Zoya Ana | Zoya Spencer | Essie Sand Tropez

And it continues not only with make-up products. There are these colors or shades which instantly attracts me in different caregories. 

My personal items that I use = shades of pink
Home items = citrus shades (yellow, lime, green)
Clothes = black + white
Shoes and bag = black, neutral (beige or tan), brown

Are you like me who have go-to shades? What are they? 

Self-Confessed TV Show Fanatic

I am a BIG TV fan as I am a movie buff. I have been following TV series for years now. 

My ultimate favorite TV series is 24. Surprised? Thought it'd be Friends or some girly show? Friends follows 24 as my second favorite. I am bigger fan of Jack Baueur than our group of six who loved to hang out in Central Perk.

Since last Fall 2014, I have followed these 12 shows:

Downton Abbey (season 5)
Glee (season 6 | ENDED)
The Good Wife (season 6)
Grey's Anatomy (season 11)
Homeland (season 4)
How To Get Away With Murder (season 1 | NEW)
Madam Secretary (season 1 | NEW)
Modern Family (season 6)
Parks & Recreation (season 7 | ENDED)
Revenge (season 4 | LAST)
Scandal (season 4)
Top Chef (season 12)

I am pretty much updated with all shows. Now, how do I find the time for them? Easy. They are on the background when I do house chores. 

I am such a TV fan that I use a TV show tracker app, iShows, so I won't miss an episode. 

Twelve shows are a lot. I know. I hardly have time to read books. A couple of the series ended this season and I am happy about that. I realized I need to read more and that means I have to cut down my TV show watching. 

The problem with me being obsessive complusive is once I start a series, I need to finish it. Grey's Anatomy is an exception. The recent death of a major character pissed me off I refused to watch the episode and the succeeding ones. I even deleted the show from my TV show tracker. 

Lesson learned, don't get too attached to the characters. 

I have a few shows I'd like to start on. When the current TV season ends, I will start with these shows. 

Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Once Upon A Time

Yes, I picked non-dramas. I want the plots to be as far from real life as possible. Enough of the well-loved characters dying.

Are you a TV show junkie like me? What shows do you love?

My February, March and April 2015

Yes, I was on an unplanned hiatus from blogging. Creativity escaped me. There was a period when I couldn't think of photos to post for my daily photo challenge. My mind just went blank and shut down. Scary.

Here's what happened the last three months. Sorry for the blank photos. I did not even bother to catch up. 

February 2015 

1. On my plate (Started off my lunch meal with dessert. Would you believe that this is Rocky Road bar? With white chocolate, pink marshmallow, pistachio nuts and dried cranberries.)
2. Mail (There's nothing exciting in our mailbox today.)
3. Water (Why is it so hard to drink my 8 glasses of water a day when I am not home?)
4. Reward (What a wonderful feel-good movie! Finally found the time to watch this one.)
5. Something blue (Different shades of blue in nail polish form) 
6. Makes me smile (This one loves looking outside the window probably watching cars. I love it when he does that. I wonder what he's thinking.) 
7. Stripes (My favorite corner at home with one of my favorite patterns - black & white stripes)
8. In my bag (Once upon a time, I had a very neat bag with a bag organizer. Then I became a mother, the inside of my bag turned into this. This isn't a garbage bag. I have a bottle of milk, diapers, change of clothes, my husband's phone, medicines, paper bags, a wallet, pouch, etc.)
9. Energy (Loving our new Hurom slow juicer which I bought on sale. Yipee. We need to consume more veggies and fruits to live healthier & energetic lives.)
10. This inspires me (Saw this inside a toilet cubicle thus this angle as I had to avoid the reminder above it. Never give up. PERIOD. Miracles happen EVERYDAY.)
11. On the wall (I had to get these at Bath & Body Works, the cutest holders of my shower puffs.) 
12. Pointy (Olaf and his carrot nose)
13. Temptation (YouTube beauty channels + IG sellers equals temptation. How in the world will I learn about these products if it weren't for You Tube. And then I found IG sellers and the products get shipped to me. Products in photo: elf Prism palette in Naked and Sonia Kashuk Eye on Neutral 02.)
14. Love (I keep "love" inside my drawer.)
15. Spot (This Nutella French Toast Roll just hit the spot. It's so good!)
16. From where I stand (I tried on the most comfortable ballet flats and they are from Stella Luna. Comes in beautiful colors.)
17. Routine (My bathroom routine before sleeping)
18. Bedside (My bedside is boring. I switched sides with my husband and I don't get a table. I cannot put stuff on the table anyway because of our two boys.) 
19. Fresh (Today's juice combination: cucumber + spinach + orange + lemon)
20. This is so me! (There has to be pink.)
21. Matching (Before moving to Bangkok, I enjoy chicken nuggets with barbecue sauce. But it has changed now, I like it with plum sauce. My taste buds adapted after 4 years here.) 
22. Macro (Picked these up today because I need them to keep me company while I watch The Academy Awards.) 
23. Fix (It says to dip my fingers into the foam and in one minute, nails appear repaired, nourished and strengthened. Looking forward to using this in between nail salon sessions. I am a fan of Sephora nail care line.) 
24. 12 o'clock (At noon, I was in a mall with Caleb in the carrier running errands. I like these weekday mall trips as I get so much done in an hour than on weekends.) 
25. Reflection (Okay, why not take a selfie before we go run errands. This is usually how our late morning looks like. I ran errands with Caleb in the carrier.) 
26. Grow (These two are growing up way too fast.) 
27. Still life (How adorable are these elephants in a durian)  
28. Thank you (It's Javi's Sports Day at school. I couldn't be more grateful than the time I spent with these three.) 

March 2015

1. Starts with R (A reusable water bottle. I have searched so long for this kind and I found it by chance.)
2. Part of me (My third eye, my other voice, my thinking cap and so much more.) 
3. Open (The Royal Ball lipstick from the MAC Cinderella collection. I should've listened to Temptalia about this lipstick. No wonder its grade is a C+. The eyeshadows are amazing though, as expected from MAC. And I got a free sample size of Fix+.) 
4. Geometric (Our squished Krispy Kreme Original Glazed doughnuts.)
5. Out the window (Our window view from Sunday to Thursday for Jed's third and LAST adjuvant chemo. I told his oncologist I don't want to see him again. Routine check-up is fine. We are praying for the best.) 
6. Remedy (My eldest forgot his lunch box in school. Since I have no back-up lunch box, he ended up bringing a sandwich & banana to school which I think he likes more than his usual lunch.)
7. Sweet (A treat BEFORE grocery shopping - one of my least favorite weekend chore.)
8. Young (My dearest Caleb trying to figure out what to do at a football toddlers class.)  
9. Make (Working on Javi's homework. I got to use my Project Life App. Made everything easy.) 
10. Floral (Decided to walk around earlier and admire all the pink trumpet trees. My own version of spring in Bangkok.) 
11. My happy place (I can spend hours in a stationery store looking through notebooks, pens, paper, clips, tapes, envelopes and so on.) 
12. Details (I recently discovered these fruit dips here in Thailand. I love them! I usually put a bit of salt on some of the fruits I eat but these dips are so much better. This one is a plum fruit dip - plum powder, sugar and salt.)
13. Colour (My brunch plate colors. Tried Paul's Croque Madame. Yum.) 
14. Favourite (Watching Divergent on cable TV while I munch on my new fave snack - guava & the fruit dip.)  
15. Small (I have all these little Sesame Street stickers inside my journal courtesy of my 5 year old. I love it!)
16. After (Juiced tomatoes today) 
17. Hobby (What I am interested and enjoy doing now is learning how to put these on my face.) 
18. Text (Javi is learning to read. Every night before I read his bedtime story, he would read to me his assigned book and word box.) 
19. Private (I am old school when it comes to my passwords. I don't use any password manager - I think all of them can be hacked - so I rely on my pen and small notebook.)  
20. Hand-drawn (For the life of me, I cannot draw but I can do lipstick swatches. These are the Maybelline Creamy Mattes.)
21. Sun-flare (It was gloomy in Bangkok. Was difficult to catch the sun today. But it still was very warm.) 
22. Leaves (The only plant we have at home. Big thanks to our cleaning lady who keeps it alive.) 
23. Too much (Time to earn from this hobby. My husband thinks it's an excellent idea. These bears are on their way to meet their owners in the Philippines.) 
24. A treasure (Words of affirmation) 

April 2015

10. Dark (The interiors of this restaurant struck me as intimidating at first. It's now our go-to restaurant where we bring family and friends who visit us here in Bangkok.)
11. This smells so good (L'Occitane Cleansing & Softening Shower Oil with Almond Oil)  
12. Something green (Zoya polish in Sage and Tilda)  
13. Paper (My 5 year old leaves all these pieces of paper on my desk with all his doodles and drawings.)  
14. Up (For Songkran Day 2, Jed and I went on a lunch and movie date. We had to go to this mall to catch Insurgent. So good to go out without the kiddos.) 
15. Dinner (I cooked Jed's favorite chicken dish tonight.)  
16. Where I work (I have several "offices" as a stay-at-home mom and this is one of them.) 
17. An ordinary moment (My boys. Watching You Tube together.)  
18. Fluffy (It was that kind of a Saturday where I spent most of the day in bed.)
19. Together (It's okay now to wear several color of polishes on the nails. I'm glad because it's difficult to choose just one color when I can wear them all at the same time. On my nails: Zoya Ana, Zoya Brittany and Zoya Rowan)
20. This happened (Talk about manic Monday. What a crazy day. I managed to squeeze grocery time at Makro.)
21. Season (I walked into Starbucks planning to buy a cold drink. This summer heat is too much. Look what I found, new summer merchandise. Such pretty colors. Summer promo starts today.)
22. Mess (Excuse the mess, the children are making memories.) 
23. Snack (My current favorite snack: guava + fruit dip) 
24. Fill the frame (My failed attempt at nail art.😂😂) 
25. I sat here (Saturdate with the husband. Brunch at our new favorite restaurant.) 
26. 4 o'clock (Strange weather in Bangkok this afternoon. There was a thunderstorm, but it was sunny.) 
27. In my bedroom (My closet on the left, his closet on the right and the door to the bathroom in the middle.)
28. Prepare (What I put on my face this morning to go to an appointment and do the usual errands.)
29. I walked here (Right outside where we live are all these street vendors selling food and drinks. I wanted to buy my favorite guava but the vendor ran out of it.) 
30. Need (The summer heat is too much. Felt like 41C this afternoon. I need my umbrella or hat and my shades when I go out to protect myself from the sun.)

Thank you for reading this long post! And May be a better month for all of us.

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