The Makings of a Make-Up Junkie

To begin with, I never was interested in make-up. I would buy the recommended products but that's all. 

I even downsized my make up to the basic when we moved here to Bangkok. 

I only kept --
  • A nude lipstick
  • An eyeshadow duo palette
  • Mascara
  • My favorite Shu Uemura eyelash curler
  • An eyebrow pencil
  • Nars Orgasm blush
I was fine with what I have. Never really knew how to put on complex make-up. 

March last year, my dear cousin from Arizona sent me a package containing these make up products. 

The brand Milani is all new to me. I was hesistant with the colors of the lipstick and blush. Until I tried them on. Life changing. Hahaha!

My cousin sent me tons of make up. I thought I can put up my own salon. They were brands I have not heard of. As I researched and watched a number of beauty channels on You Tube, I learned more about them. 

And I was hooked. I found a new "obsession."

I started experimenting and playing with the products and the colors. I like what I see. 

To be clear, I am still learning. I still don't know how to do so many things. Practice, practice, practice. 

The state of my make up products

My current make-up "collection" has a mix of high end and drugstore brands. I think half of these were sent by my cousin. Some are gifts from family and friends. 

I will talk about my favorites and new discoveries in my future posts. 

Happy weekend!

My January 2015

New year, new month. The first month went by so quickly.

My January 2015 highlights are:

  • My mom and sister spent the New Year with us.
  • Jed's first adjuvant chemo session
  • Jed's 37th birthday
  • annual Prayer and Fasting

The rest of the month went by like this --

1. The sky (It's a beautiful first day of 2015. Love the view from our balcony.)
2. Something yellow (I was amazed by the variety of flavors - both local and the usual ones - from this ice cream store. I had lychee sorbet.)
3. Me today (Wearing my new blush. I love Sugarbomb.)
4. I hear...someone is telling me how his day went.
5. Square (My favorite square at the moment.)
6. Round (Time to bring out my non-Christmas coffee mugs. And this is my favorite.)
7. Currently reading (This weekly magazine is my source of new restaurants, events to check out, shopping finds, movie reviews and a whole lot more. And it is free! Also available for download in iOS' Newsstand
8. Landscape (My concrete jungle)
9. Pattern (My love for polka dots shows in my washi tapes.)
10. Hello (Catching the sunrise and waking up to 21C temperature)
11. I see... (a couple of Alice + Olivia double wall tumblers. These are selling out so fast.)
12. Bright (How I love my colors)
13. Lucky number (Look at that 50% off tag! Have been looking for this miracle complexion sponge and wow I found it at this beauty store near our building at half the price. I call it fate.)
14. New (Bought this for my toddler yesterday and in less than five minutes at home, the fork didn't make it. Caleb immediately played with it and the poor fork broke.)
15. Old (My battered Nokia E75 phone. The home button is being held by scotch tape. I have no idea why I am still keeping this in my drawer. I'm bring sentimental.)
16. Nature (I love the new display at Siam Paragon. It's simple - green and water.)
17. Jump (The big brother was jumping and the little one was figuring out how he can jump, too. I love my boys.) 
18. Today is... pizza day. (I have a no cooking on weekends rule at home. So it's either we dine out, eat leftovers or food delivery.)
19. Homemade (Weekend is over and I am back to cooking meals. Today's dinner is spaghetti and stir-fry broccoli.)
20. Window (We had window cleaners today. I am fascinated by them as they do very difficult work. And my little one seems in awe as well.)
21. In a row (I finally reorganized my desk drawer and put all my journalling stuff in one place.) 
22. Collection (Yes, I still have these cute little Momiji dolls.)
23. Something far away (School application for both my boys. Yes, Caleb included. A thought which seemed won't be happening for years but is happening now. Caleb's won't be until 2016. It was suggested we apply as early as now.) 
24. Playtime (It's always playtime for my boys.)
25. Black + White (I have many pretty coffee mugs and I want to use them. I decided this would be my weekend coffee mug.)
26. Three things (I put some color on my face today - Bella Rosa blush, Hot Pink lipstick and Strawberry Macaron eye pencil.)
27. Morning (I struggle with my quiet time. I start off like this and then in less than five minutes my toddler thinks I need some company and finds out mommy's stuff is more interesting than his toys.)
28. Strange (I adore this plastic sleeves for beverages. Whoever thought about this is a genius. It really looks strange but it works as we don't need the whole plastic bag.)
29. Summer (Tropical fruits all year round. It is always summer here in Bangkok.)
30. Fave food (Eggs Benedict. Yup, that's it. Hoping to have it this weekend.)
31. On top (Someone got on the bike today all by himself)

How did your January go?

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