The Makings of a Make-Up Junkie

To begin with, I never was interested in make-up. I would buy the recommended products but that's all. 

I even downsized my make up to the basic when we moved here to Bangkok. 

I only kept --
  • A nude lipstick
  • An eyeshadow duo palette
  • Mascara
  • My favorite Shu Uemura eyelash curler
  • An eyebrow pencil
  • Nars Orgasm blush
I was fine with what I have. Never really knew how to put on complex make-up. 

March last year, my dear cousin from Arizona sent me a package containing these make up products. 

The brand Milani is all new to me. I was hesistant with the colors of the lipstick and blush. Until I tried them on. Life changing. Hahaha!

My cousin sent me tons of make up. I thought I can put up my own salon. They were brands I have not heard of. As I researched and watched a number of beauty channels on You Tube, I learned more about them. 

And I was hooked. I found a new "obsession."

I started experimenting and playing with the products and the colors. I like what I see. 

To be clear, I am still learning. I still don't know how to do so many things. Practice, practice, practice. 

The state of my make up products

My current make-up "collection" has a mix of high end and drugstore brands. I think half of these were sent by my cousin. Some are gifts from family and friends. 

I will talk about my favorites and new discoveries in my future posts. 

Happy weekend!

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