Bath Time Favorites

There was a time when I took my sweet time in the bath room. Now that I am a mother of two small children, all I have time for is a quick shower. 

Even if I have limited time, I would still want to feel pampered when I shower. 

Bath & Body Works Shower Gel

I have always been a fan of Bath & Body Works shower gel. They claim they have the best shower gel and I couldn't agree more. When they opened their first store in Bangkok, I checked it out on day two and brought home travel sizes of three shower gels. 

Bath & Body Works first store in Bangkok: Siam Center

The familiar scents I know were already discontinued except for Sweet Pea. I was overwhelmed with new scents. I decided to bring home three new ones and I will keep on trying until I find my new favorite scents. 

You know why I love the shower gel? It only needs a drop and it would lather up generously. And they just smell heavenly. 

Body Shop Body Butter

For the longest time, I rarely put lotion on my body because I do not like the sticky feel. I remember using Vaseline in the Philippines as their lotion is light and non-sticky. And then I got lazy and did not use lotion or any moisturizer. 

One day, I looked at my feet and realized it had aged. It desperately need moisturizing. I love this L'Occitane Supple Skin Oil but it is too expensive for everyday use. 

I have heard about Body Shop's body butter. Who hasn't, right? I have given it as gifts. In fact I own a small Moringa which was a gift two years and already collected dust but I still hang on to it. Well, I decided to use them last month. And I am kicking myself for not using it any sooner. 

It is the moisturizing that I need. Not sticky. It feels wonderful when applied on the skin. Since I started putting it on, I saw big changed on my skin. My feet do not look in need of moisturizer. I can put it all over my body without the sticky feeling. 

What's the products that makes your bath time special?

Cheers to bath time treats! 

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