Bath Time Favorites

There was a time when I took my sweet time in the bath room. Now that I am a mother of two small children, all I have time for is a quick shower. 

Even if I have limited time, I would still want to feel pampered when I shower. 

Bath & Body Works Shower Gel

I have always been a fan of Bath & Body Works shower gel. They claim they have the best shower gel and I couldn't agree more. When they opened their first store in Bangkok, I checked it out on day two and brought home travel sizes of three shower gels. 

Bath & Body Works first store in Bangkok: Siam Center

The familiar scents I know were already discontinued except for Sweet Pea. I was overwhelmed with new scents. I decided to bring home three new ones and I will keep on trying until I find my new favorite scents. 

You know why I love the shower gel? It only needs a drop and it would lather up generously. And they just smell heavenly. 

Body Shop Body Butter

For the longest time, I rarely put lotion on my body because I do not like the sticky feel. I remember using Vaseline in the Philippines as their lotion is light and non-sticky. And then I got lazy and did not use lotion or any moisturizer. 

One day, I looked at my feet and realized it had aged. It desperately need moisturizing. I love this L'Occitane Supple Skin Oil but it is too expensive for everyday use. 

I have heard about Body Shop's body butter. Who hasn't, right? I have given it as gifts. In fact I own a small Moringa which was a gift two years and already collected dust but I still hang on to it. Well, I decided to use them last month. And I am kicking myself for not using it any sooner. 

It is the moisturizing that I need. Not sticky. It feels wonderful when applied on the skin. Since I started putting it on, I saw big changed on my skin. My feet do not look in need of moisturizer. I can put it all over my body without the sticky feeling. 

What's the products that makes your bath time special?

Cheers to bath time treats! 

New Items for 2015 from Starbucks Thailand

2015 is here! Starbucks Thailand came out with Valentine and Chinese New Year merchandise. I was disappointed with the Christmas merchandise and I am so glad they are replaced (CNY) with new items. 

It's always a good time to be in Asia at this time for the CNY merchandise.

Valentine's day iems

CNY items

For the fashionistas

For the card collectors

And a new addition to the Relief mug series - Bangkok!

There you have it. Happy shopping and collecting!

The Year (2014) That Was

2014 was a difficult year and when it ended I was relieved. I love new year and the hope it brings. We are all praying for a better 2015. 

Despite a challenging year, we always have to be grateful. Not only in the little things, because in reality God really has been awesome and constant in our lives. 

I failed to send out a holiday card with our 2014 highlights. So here goes the digital version. 

We are grateful for:

  • Our family trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia. Bucket list, checked. It was a surreal experience watching sunrise at the world renowned Angkor Wat. 
  • We visited Manila on the third quarter and spend some time with family and friends. It was Caleb's first trip to our homeland. 
  • We made a short trip to Cebu. It's Javi's birth place. We loved reuniting with friends, the food and the beach. 
  • Jed was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer. He finished treatment and was able to get back at work end of November. It was a very difficult period but God is amazing and is with us every step of the way. 
  • Our little Caleb turned one. He is one sweet boy and our source of joy. 

For 2015, we continue to fight. We believe and claim God's healing that He is restoring Jed back to health. 

I want to thank each and every family and friend who were part of our 2014. Thank you to ALL of you who stood with us in prayer.  

And now I am praying for a better 2015 for all of us. 

My December 2014

The busiest month of the year went by so fast. It wasn't until the weekend before Christmas when I felt the holiday was near. 

December was super busy. And it was good to be preoccupied. 

My December went like this --

1. Fruit (I love how I can buy fruits like pomelo which are peeled and ready to eat. Saves me so much time.)
2. Grass (I couldn't find real grass. Anyway, the Christmas tree on artificial grass was a new attraction promoting the opening of Asia Books. Yay, there's now a bookstore so close to our place.)
3. Pop! (We received a very special package today and it came with these large bubble wrap. My boys were too happy to pop them.)
4. Free (Attended a children's party and my 5-year old was ecstatic over these freebies.)
5. Me (The person who gave me these tumblers knew me pretty well. The color and the design are something I would pick personally.)
6. Joy is… celebrating our 4th year in Thailand with a staycation. (On a rare weekend with no doctors' appointments, we took a little break.)
7. Weekends are for… hearty breakfasts. (I love a good eggs benedict.)
8. Simple pleasure (Our reflection on the Christmas ball make us smile.)
9. Decoration (My new Christmas ornaments from family and friends.)
10. Closed door (When God closes a door, He opens a window, right? Amen to that!)
11. Something red (MAC Viva Glam Rihanna and Wet N' Wild Stoplight Red)
12. Skyline (Might as well enjoy our view. Pretty soon we won't get to as high rises are being built every where we turn. Extremely sad about this development.)
13. Much loved (My super "kulit" but cute grocery shopping buddy earlier. His smile just lights up a room. Anything he does is adorable. Jed and I are smitten.)
14. Drink (Jed and I had a well deserved massage. Thank you church for looking after our boys. We were served tea after our treatment.)
15. Super! (Yes, I have a son who goes out wearing his Spider-Man mask.)
16. Beautiful (Sunrises and sunsets are my favorite. Since we don't see the sunset from our place, I will settle for the different hues the sky makes during this time.)
17. Sunshine (The sun was brightly shining and the temperature is a nice 25C.)
18. Sign (When I see mistakes or typos like this, I just want to offer my services to the printing company.)
19. Something to be happy about (I didn't send out Christmas cards this year. We never had time for our annual family portrait. So it gives me great joy to be remembered. Prior to these two, we only had one on display.) 
20. Food (I always pick this salad even if I do not remember the name as I just point to the photo in the menu when I order.)
21. This is interesting (Swatching lipsticks. Wish I had more time earlier and there weren't that many people in Sephora.)
22. ’Tis the season to… greet MERRY CHRISTMAS. (It has and will always be Christmas. So what if I am not politically correct. December 25 is Christmas day whether one celebrates it or not.)
23. Tree (I love how Siam Paragon decorates their mall. It's always elegant. This walkway in particular.)   
24. Color (I unknowingly picked out a dish for tonight's dinner using Christmas colored vegetables. It's an ordinary evening for us here in Bangkok with Jed working tomorrow.)
25. Celebration (The thrill of watching your kids open gifts on Christmas morning. To think they only have few gifts yet they are extremely happy.)
26. Animal (Those who have babies know the significance of Sophie the Giraffe)
27. I like…this minced pork and tofu dish. (My idea of comfort food in Bangkok is this 90 baht rice dish from a local restaurant.)
28. Book (Caleb's new book from Ninang Via. The little one loves his books.)
29. I need less of this… low EQ shopping trips!
30. Us (I rarely post selfies. But with this little boy I would. Meet my nephew Julian. One sweet boy who calls me "Ate" [big sister] instead of Auntie or Tita.)
31. My best bit(s) of 2014 (It had been a tough year. We learned to trust, fight and hope. Praying for a better 2015.)

And that's a wrap, everyone. I'm officially signing off from 2014.

Wishing all of you a better 2015.

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