My November 2014

I am back! Did not complete photos for September and was not inspired in October. 

But my favorite month is here so it is a good time to go back to FMS Photo-A-Day challenge. 

It is a better month. Started off difficult but it ended with all the good things. 

Happy to share my November with all of you --

1. Something blue (Back at this familiar restaurant, ordered my usual cappuccino and tried the cinnamon bun.)
2. I saw this! (My two loves sharing a moment together.)
3. Weather (It was a beautiful sunny morning in Bangkok. I need the ray of sunshine the sun brings.)
4. Can’t live without (I am usually exhausted by the end of the day taking care of these two boys. But when I am away from them, I miss them like crazy.)
5. 8 o’clock (The little one's bath time. And his OOTD awaits him. The Beatles shirt is for my mother who celebrates her birthday today.)
6. Made me smile today (Thailand celebrates Loy Krathong festival today. My preschooler brought home this "krathong" which he decorated.)
7. On the floor (It's my little explorer! Everywhere I turn now, I have to clean up Caleb's mess.)
8. A place (We ❤️ Kidzania.) 
9. Heck yes! (It's not even 8PM and we are ready for bed. It has been a very long day. Actually a very long two weeks.)
10. I do this every day (I read to my boys at night - even if they are asleep.)
11. A set (My Hello Kitty Momijis) 
12. Normal (My introvert personality has never been afraid to dine on my own. In fact, I look forward to times like this from time to time. It recharges me.)
13. Letters (Was at H&M earlier. Checked out the Alexander Wang collection and didn't see something I like.)
14. For me (One of the most thoughtful friend sent my family these. She knows me too well and sent me a family calendar and eyeshadow palette. Yay!)
15. Hot + Cold (Soft baked chocolate chip cookie topped with chocolate sauce & Hokkaido soft cream from Muteki by Mugendai. Yummy and sinful.) 
16. After (How we ended a really good Chinese meal.) 
17. Cooking (I hid these spinach in a pasta dish so my 5 year old can eat his vegetables.)
18. I love this (I swear by this product. What a time saver. I can be reading or writing and my nail polish comes without much effort. No more cotton balls. I just dip a finger and voila!) 
19. Whole (What we are juicing. Especially for Jed.)
20. Bright (My movie date with a Christmas tree we saw before watching Mockingjay.)
21. Shoes (Took a break from wearing Crocs/walking shoes and put on sandals. Met with mommy friends and had a great afternoon out.)
22. A favorite thing (Aaack! Bath & Body Works is opening in Siam Center soon. Just right above Sephora. Oh my poor budget.)
23. I made this (I love pancit. Since I cannot easily buy it here in Bangkok, I learned how to cook it. It's my toned down version of pancit sotanghon.)
24. I need to do this! (I am a planning freak. The year is about to end so time to plan for the next year. But the biggest thing I learned in 2014 is I am definitely not in control but God is.)
25. Time (Time is quickly passing by and I don't feel it. I have no sense of time lately. This is the clock at the BTS Siam Central station.)
26. Wall (Ooh, they put up frames on this wall of my neighborhood Starbucks store. This area used to be blank.)
27. I’m thankful for this… (It's my husband first week back at work after a couple of months of extensive treatment. The journey has been tough but his recovery is remarkable. We only have God to thank for that. We continue to pray for more good news.) 
28. Black (Swatching my black eyeliners. I realized these are the only black I have. I should get more then. But very happy with these two brands.)
29. So, this happened (After a couple of months, the four of us can go out again and enjoy our weekend.)
30. I bought this! (I buy produce and dairy items weekly. It has become a chore I'd rather not do. Dreaming one day all supermarkets in Bangkok would offer online grocery shopping.)

I am ready for December. It is going to be very busy. Looking forward to ending 2014 on a happy note. How was your November? 


  1. By the way forgot to mention in your other post, how I love all of your PL Layouts weee ;-)

    1. Thank you Em. I love the app, it is a part of my blogging life now.

  2. Yess!! I really wanted Bath & Body Works to open in Bangkok!!! Super happy! Do you when it is going to open?


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