The Red Cups

One of those things I look forward to every year is when Starbucks bring out the red cups. It officially starts Christmas season for me. 

These red cups and my ultimate favorite Toffee Nut Latte set the Christmas mood for me. 

I honestly did not notice Starbucks changes the red cup design yearly. My attention to detail - a big BOO! I really thought it was the same red cup every year. Did you know that the red cups come in real ceramic mugs? 

Red Cup collection of Jackie

My friend has the entire set although this photo only shows until 2012. So it came out as early as 2005.

I decided two years ago I want to collect the 12oz mug not the entire set but only those I can easily get. And I only have three now. I bring them out during the red cup season and use them for my morning coffee. 

2011, 2012 and 2013 Red Cups

The 2011 was donated by this wonderful friend whose Starbucks collection is astounding (read her collection here). A year after I decided collecting, Starbucks decided to make my life challenging. The 12oz version was only sold in Germany. Good thing another friend from collecting sent me last year's red cup. For this year, it will again be sold in Europe and I heard the US. Darn. 

Do you agree that the red cups set the Christmas mood?

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