My August 2014

Here we go again, it's the end of another month. I say goodbye to August, such a happy and sad month. 

My August went like this --

1. Landscape (I catch sunrises wherever I go. So happy to be back in Cebu.)
2. Lunch (We're on vacation. We eat Filipino breakfast for lunch.)
3. S is for... Sister. (Happy we get to spend my sister's birthday with her.)
4. In the middle (Met two of my dearest friends for dinner. Tried this new restaurant, Blackbird. The crab cakes are delicious.)
5. Pile (My Philippine trip is never complete without having this Concorde cake from Sugarhouse.)
6. Grateful for... (This two weeks spent with family and friends. And my siblings and I finally have a pic of only the three of us.)
7. Spot (This iconic sun at the ceiling of the lobby of The Pen. Goodbye for now Philippines.)
8. Pet peeve (I cannot grow my nails long even if they look nicer. It gets in the way of house chores so I keep my nails short.)
9. Mix (Say hello to the "halo-halo" or in English mix-mix. I had this last Monday and it is so worth the calories.)
10. Art (Sailboat by Javier 😜)
11. Mirror (There's my little baby.)
12. Gather (Banana and strawberries gather for this yummy banana waffle. Brunch for Thailand's Mother's Day.)
13. Inside (Trying out this new express nail polish remover for toes from Sephora. I'm not exactly sure how to put toes inside the star-marked area. It's kinda hard.)
14. Give (The husband is back from Jakarta and brought home boxes of these. One for the office and one for us. It's our first time to try J.Co donuts.) 
15. Clouds (Pretty cloudy in Bangkok lately.)
16. Clean (I would love to graduate from this - sterilizing feeding bottles. But then Caleb won't forever be a baby, I'll just cherish this.)
17. Dinner (It's Sunday night we get pizza for dinner.)
18. Arrow (Super cute arrow magnets)
19. To-do (Yup, gotta settle those bills.)
20. Before bedtime (Sometimes we get to read a story before sleeping.)
21. Decorate (My photo wall needs alignment. And I have to add that LOVE sign.)
22. Words (Only one word for me. The only word I am hanging on to right now.)
23. Style (I love the interiors of this Starbucks store closest to our place. I needed a breather and enjoyed this view for 5 precious minutes. Then we had to leave as my kids are disturbing the other customers.)
24. Fragrant (This skin oil - almond - from L'Occitane smells amazing.)
25. Mail (We have none today. Not even junk mail.)
26. Breakfast (A cup of coffee and God's words to begin my day. And that was a bowl of oatmeal.)
27. Dull (Amidst the white coffee cup, envelope and paper, my gold card finally arrived. Yay!)
28. Travel (Hello again Suvarnabhumi Airport. Not traveling this time but picking up my mother-in-law.)
29. Dessert (Not mine. Found this in our trash bin. My family is avoiding sugar like the plague.)
30. Nearby (I love our neighborhood. I can get so much done. We are near banks, restaurants, grocery store and the train station.)
31. 10am (Had to wake up my cutie pie to give him a bath so we can go out.)

Hello September, give me good news okay?

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