My May 2014

It's another end of the month. All I remember about May is Mother's Day, three non-working holidays in Thailand, declaration of Martial Law and the coup d'├ętat. As you can tell, we had a busy month here in Thailand.

My month of May went something like this --

1. Begins with J (J for juice. Today's juice combination is apple + pineapple + guava + lime. I don't know what it does to the body but it sure taste good.)
2. Snack (Wanted to spend a quiet morning in Starbucks with a cookie and coffee. What actually happened was I hurriedly ate everything as Caleb was too cranky disturbing the other customers.)
3. Collection (My accidental collection. Since I receive too many cards when I trade mugs, I decided to put them in a card holder. It's full now so I need to buy a bigger one. I'm not exactly a serious card collector.)
4. Us (The newest frame on our photo wall at home. Photo from our recent trip to Siem Reap.)
5. 4PM (My little boy at a birthday party getting a Batman tattoo.)
6. From down low (Caleb and I were out running errands this morning. We had to go through this walkway.)
7. Taken from above (Thai PM was forced to resign over abuse of power. And the protesters are again back on the streets for possibly their "victory march.") 
8. Blue (Only babies can get away with socks like these.) 
9. Favorite (My coffee time. Today, it was the little one's naptime so I wrote down thoughts for a blog post and read a chapter of a book.)
10. In the garden (We live in a high rise. We don't have our own garden. Would be nice if we have. Snapped this photo while I was out earlier.)
11. Mother (The realities of motherhood. I survived grocery shopping with these two cuties. It's crazy but I wouldn't trade it for anything else.) 
12. Ready (Water is boiling. I can now start cooking the broccoli. Trying to eat healthier by adding more vegetables to our dishes.) 
13. I spy (The little brother wants to watch what the older brother is watching. These two are so cute together.) 
14. Lines (Ray of lights)
15. From where I walk (I walk where there's a shade. It was scorching hot today.)
16. Create (A barista's lair. So what's your poison?)
17. Bag{s} (My most used bags now are eco bags for grocery shopping and running errands. I seldom use my handbags as I keep my cash and cards in a handy phone wallet.)
18. Something I {Javi} drew (We have pieces of paper everywhere in our home with scribbles and doodles from my firstborn.)
19. Alone (I love my early morning gym time. I'm the only one working out. I appreciate the solitude. It's my only alone time throughout the day.)
20. Waiting (Dinner tonight is Veggie Ham and Egg Bake. Fresh out of the oven and waiting for it to cool.)
21. Card{s} (These are the cards I use the most - Starbucks card, supermarket card, building keycard, train pass and of course credit card.)
22. Free (Free promo beverage from Starbucks. Benefit of the reward system.)
23. Black + white (My EQ is pretty low at the moment so I visited a happy place.) 
24. Sunrise (A new morning in Bangkok. It's Day 4 since the coup was announced. We got our international channels back on cable last night. Yay for that!)
25. Neighborhood (And the curfew is on. Very few vehicles on the road.) 
26. Pet (Pets are not allowed where we live. I don't see it a problem as I am terrified of dogs, cats and any animal for that matter.)
27. Meal (Dinner time for the little one.) 
28. Unique (Bank notes have serial numbers. Each one is unique and important.) 
29. Negative space (Nowadays, it is advisable to carry a proof of identification when we go out. I don't have any other valid IDs here except the passport.) 
30. Side view (Postcard from Singapore. The Merlion is best photographed from this angle - side view.)
31. Sunset (Too bad the clouds covered what could have been a beautiful sunset.)

And we're almost halfway through 2014. June please be kinder to us. 

How did your May go?

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