Kuya Kim's Testimony

I personally do not know these people. They are celebrities from my home country, the Philippines. 

I was really touched by this Instagram post how Kim Atienza, or Kuya Kim as he is popularly called, encountered God. 

God will soften the hardest of hearts.

Being "born again" or having a relationship with Christ has a stigma especially with Catholics. I grew up knowing that "born agains" would try to convert every Catholic so better stay away from them. 

God seeks us. And for me, He has a funny way of leading me to Him. He made me fall in love with a born again or Evangelical Christian. And that's how my walk with Christ started. 

All of sudden, I began noticing the lives of my Evangelical friends. Take note, none of them forced me to convert. No one shoved Bible verses down my throat or trick me into attending church service. They were cool like that.

The way one Christian live his life is the only testimony some people need to want to get to know Christ. That did the trick for me. During those times, I saw how joyful and contented my friends were. I became curious, I wanted to have their relationship with Christ. 

God will call us in very different ways. When this happens to you - my family, relatives and friends (even acquaintances and readers of this blog) - and you have no idea what to do next, I will help you. I am far from being an expert but I have a slight idea of what to do. We will sort it out. Together, we can grow in our walk with Christ.   

Have a wonderful weekend!

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