Deactivating Facebook

I finally did it. I deactivated my Facebook account. 

On Easter Sunday, I decided to deactivate my account. An incident triggered the deactivation. I felt like I walked out of Facebook. And my life is so much better - and quieter - without it. 

It's been almost three weeks of no Facebook and I couldn't be happier. I am on my third book. I finished two books from last year's reading list. And here I was complaining I do not have time to read when I actually do. Instead of poring over friends' posts, I was reading a real book where I can learn something. I can blog again!

The thing with Facebook is I have too many friends. I wish it was similar to Twitter or Instagram where people can just follow you and there is no need to follow them back. I did unfollow posts from a number of contacts, but I still have a large number of updates on my News Feed. What's annoying with posts in Facebook now is it brings up posts (even of years ago) with recent likes and comments. Then most of the posts going viral on Facebook are not verified. People are too gullible to believe and share them. It's a time waster. Don't get me started on public posts. It floods my News Feed.. 

I was overwhelmed with every single detail - where they went, what they ate, what movies they saw, what their kids did, how they felt. And there are the  "humblebrags." 

I've had enough and I needed a break. 


My problem now is I am not sure I want to go back to Facebook. I do not miss it. And I learned I can live without it. 

What about the people who wants to keep in touch with me? There are other channels. I am very active on Instagram and Twitter. We can go back to communicating via e-mail again.  Then those who I am close to know my mobile number. 

The only reason why I stayed on Facebook is because of my mom. It's the only one she knows how to use. But now that she's learning iMessage, I can deactivate for a longer period.

Facebook is addicting. My phone was attached to my hand. All I ever did was like and comment on posts. I felt I was obliged to. I am missing out on the real world. 

Watch this video to understand what I meant. 

I am more convinced to spend less time on social media and give time to those that matter.

Deactivating my Facebook is one of the best decisions I've ever done.

Do you guys get overwhelmed by social media, too? Do you agree with the message of the Look Up video?

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