My April 2014

I published my Siem Reap post a couple of hours before I post this one. My apologies for the lack of posts. 

Thankful for this monthly posts as my blog would be bare without them. 

April is a big month for Thailand. It's Songkran (Thai New Year) time. And elsewhere, it's Easter week. Oh, and it's the school Spring Break. My sister spent time with us. It's great seeing her with my two boys. 

April went like this...

1. Something purple (I change my toothbrush every three months. Every quarter. It's that time again.)
2. In my hand (MAC lipstick in Viva Glam Rihanna. I was convinced to give red lipstick a try again.)
3. Shapes (My sweetie pie was playing with his toy.) 
4. Good together (Went back to regular juicing. Recipe from Mia. Carrots + apples + red beet + celery.)
5. Not mine (Someone snatched the dessert I ordered. Happens most of the time.)
6. A taste of autumn/spring (We don't get spring or autumn where we live. But I saw this pretty card at the local Starbucks.)
7. Where I'd rather be (It's Sakura time and I'd rather be in Japan than anywhere else in the world. Visiting Japan during spring is right up there in my bucket list.)
8. Hobby (A hobby I picked up when we moved to Bangkok is collecting mugs of different color from different cities.)
9. Dark (The only kind of chocolate my four year old won't take from me.)
10. My fave part of day (When I get to this point, it means the two kids are asleep, house chores are done, etc. It's finally my downtime. Sleep is next.) 
11. 3 of a kind (Been wanting to make Smores Cups since last year. Graham cracker is a scarcity in the supermarkets in Bangkok. I found my stash from the Filipino store. So yesterday, I finally made them and they are good.)
12. On my left (I absolutely adore this little one. He brings so much joy to my family of four.)
13. More please! (Of long holidays - Spring break and Songkran.)
14. Dirty (We get a lot of dirty diapers in a day. This is the life with a baby.)
15. I'm reading this (The Five Love Languages. I finally reached the 3rd language. Two more to go. I am so behind in my reading.)
16. My vice (Shopping: To think I went to the store to exchange an item I purchased yesterday, I came home with all these, too. Oops...)
17. Something I learned (This I learned early on in life. Sweet tooth.)
18. Good (Spent time with my sister and the boys at my favorite brunch place. Now this brownie is gooood!)
19. Money (Surprisingly, I have this much cash in my wallet.)
20. Egg (Happy Easter! The tomb is empty. He is risen!) 
21. Close (My two loves. My favorite part of motherhood now is when I see them play together.)
22. Four things (Today's juice combination consists of: pineapple + celery + spinach + orange) 
23. Entrance (The entrance to my favorite Starbucks store because of its proximity to our building. This branch reopened last Monday and I have visited every day.)
24. A pop of color (The red buttonholes in plain shirts. Those were a really nice touch by Ines de la Fressange & Uniqlo.)
25. Remember (Three days from today it'll be my father's birthday. He would have been 82. He passed away 14 years ago but I will forever celebrate his birthday every year. It's nice to reminisce and thank God for giving me (and my siblings) a wonderful father.)
26. Enjoy the little things (When I run errands earlier, the train was not full. There were vacant seats which were unusual but I love. I was early for my second appointment so I had time for a DQ Blizzard with Nutella. Yum.)
27. Under my feet (A striped carpet. In a hotel lobby waiting for a friend we are having dinner with. It's never boring in Bangkok.)
28. Chaotic (My manic Monday began with our bed looking like this. Well, this is a daily occurence. I finished 9 tasks before noon. Today was a particularly busy one.)
29. Contrast (Found my favorite table at the Starbucks I go to and this was my view earlier.) 
30. Something silly (How my four year old learns to dress himself. First, it starts with putting clothes on the wrong way.)

Hope you had a restful month!

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