Angkor Wat: A Bucket List Trip

Our annual family trip this year has been to Siem Reap, Cambodia. It was Caleb's first trip outside Thailand and his first-ever plane ride. We were crazy enough to bring two small children to a not kid-friendly city. It's our own family adventure. 

The main reason why we picked Siem Reap is to see the world renowned Angkor Wat. We braved the heat, the challenge of traveling with two kids. The Angkor Wat was worth it. 

Highlights of our trip were:

(1) The sunrise tour of Angkor Wat 

The Angkor Wat

More temple ruins

Bayon Temple

Ta Phrom

(2) Finding the best cupcakes I've ever tasted

Siem Reap has a charm of its own. It is not as developed as the rest of the cities in Southeast Asia. There are no tall buildings and the only way to go around is via tuktuk. 

The people are generally nice and helpful. My heart goes out to them. Now I have a more understanding why Hollywood celebrities are keen on helping them. 

Most of the top rated restaurants in TripAdvisor are training centers. A tip I got from CNNGo is to dine in these restaurants to help out the local community. Glad we followed this tip as the food in these restaurants were delicious!

Haven Training Restaurant and New Leaf Book Cafe serve authentic Khmer dishes. The taste of the local cuisine grew on us that I craved for their noodle dish the last day of the trip. 

Haven Training Restaurant requires advance booking
as the restaurant is always full.

New Leaf Book Cafe

We found the best cupcakes at Blossom Cafe. The red velvet was not as special but the Salted Caramel is to-die-for. The chocolate cupcake is moist enough. The sugar icing is surprisingly good that we all ate it. I usually just toss them on the side of the plate. 

Blossom Cafe

Some more tips:
  • Bring your anti-heat paraphernalia - sunglasses, fan, umbrella, sunblock and water. 
  • Currency use is US dollars. 
  • The best time to check out Angkor Wat is during sunrise
  • Entrance fee for all the temples is 20USD. The ticket is personalized. Your photo is taken at the ticket booth. Ticket will serve as your pass so do not lose it and have it available. 
  • We flew via Bangkok Airways and it was excellent. 
  • We stayed at Lotus Blanc Resort (a TripAdvisor find). Value for money.
  • A baby carrier was a big help for us. Caleb was in one while we tour the temples and go around the city. 
  • I love that almost all of the restaurants we went had free WiFi.
I cannot wait for more trips with my three boys. I wonder where we'll end up next year. I have a country in mind. Believing for it.

What is your memorable trip so far this year?


  1. Thanks for sharing, will definitely bookmark this Irms, also in my bucket list.
    How far is this from Bangkok?

  2. Em, from Bangkok it is an hour away by plane. It's a very short flight kaya malakas loob namin kahit first time ni Caleb.


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