My March 2014

Aaargh, I did not post anything for a whole month. It has been crazy busy. I cannot believe I neglected my blog. 

It's that time again when another is over. The first quarter of the year is gone just like that. 

My March was pretty special. Me and my boys went on a bucket list trip. I have yet to blog about our trip. Give me a week or so. The rest of my March went like this. 

1. Yellow (Javi attended his very first Sports Day in school and he is on Team Yellow.)
2. Something borrowed (I haven't finished the book yet so I couldn't return yet. And I hate the feeling as I always want to return what is not mine. But them I want to say I finished the book.) 
3. My name is... (I-R-M-A)
4. On my mind (Too many things)
5. Something beginning with "I" (A miniature India Gate)
6. Chair (This Bumbo seat has been passed on from Javi. Now Caleb enjoys it.)
7. Fly (Bird sighting next to a street vendor.)
8. In the corner (The colorful kiddie shirts at Uniqlo)
9. 10AM (Someone is napping in my arms.)
10. Far away (My magnets from all over the world. Mostly from fellow mug collectors.)
11. Something good (After taking care of two sick kids the whole day, I get to enjoy a cone of ice cream while watching The Hunger Games.)
12. Partial (We are missing Caleb's birthday mug. At the back are my incomplete Harry Potter and Twilight series.)
13. Fresh (I really love baby cologne. I use Baby Bench Lemondrop. Yup, for me and not for my sons.)
14. Care (I've been sick the last couple of days. First, it was my eldest son, then the baby, and lastly me! It's no fun being sick so hello Zithromax.)
15. Evening (Father and son walking the night market of Siem Reap)
16. Beautifully ordinary (Watching the sunrise is ordinary for me as I enjoy early mornings. But watching the sunrise at Angkor Wat is beyond amazing.)
17. Today's weather (In Siem Reap, it is hot hot hot. 35C but feels like 38C.)
18. Five years ago (On March 2009, I sent out my very first tweet most likely from Cebu where we lived then. I was two months pregnant then with our first son.)
19. Cropped (Found this at the airport in Siem Reap. My four year old was ecstatic.)
20. Letter(s)
21. Full (My cup of cappuccino. Was out for brunch with two girlfriends. We had a foot massage after.)
22. Morning (Caught the sunrise. Another amazing day.)
23. I'm loving... (Getting mail from people I love. And I do love postcards, make up, Starbucks cards and a handwritten note.) 
24. One of a kind (My baby's personalized bearista.)
25. Soft (What could be softer than a baby's skin? For me, none. So grateful for this season of raising another baby.)
26. I am here (Caleb and I were out for our mid-week grocery run.) 
27. Something I made (Dinner is a simplified kid-friendly "nilagang baka." I tweak most recipes to make it easy for me.)
28. Nostalgia (We brought Caleb home from the hospital wearing the overall on the left. That was six months ago. Time is moving too fast.)
29. Sticky (Oh dear.. I accidentally threw a diaper in Javi's clothes hamper. Then I put all clothes in the washer; I did not see the diaper. The clothes were, of course, full of lint when the washing was done. Lint remover, you'd be put to good use.)
30. Fast (How I need a functioning electric fan. A fast one is better. Summer heat is here and it is beginning to be unbearable.)
31. Faux (My artificial sweetener. Some time ago, it was Equal, then Splenda and now it's Stevia.)

Hope your March was as special as mine.

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