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My family is going on a trip. We are now a family of four - husband, wife, toddler and baby. First time we will travel with our new set-up. Oh dear, we are in for an adventure.

Nothing can stop us from traveling. Yes, we know it's going to be tough. But that's how we make memories, right? Plus we want our sons to grow up traveling. So we promise to bring them to a different city and country every year. 


And because of the following resources, it is actually easier to plan a trip now, more than ever.

A favorite is Tripadvisor

We rely on Tripadvisor's reviews for hotel recommendations, restaurants to try out and things we can do. 

Another favorite is CNNGo.

This is CNN.s Travel page. Search for a city and you will finds articles of interest. The articles are very helpful and usually the information tourists want to know about. 

I also like to consult this travel guide called LUXE City Guide.

It is a pocket size guide of hotel and restaurant recommendations, shopping places and things to do. I love how direct the details are. Too bad that the city we are visiting do not have an electronic version of the guide. Hopefully, I can still pick up a hard copy before the trip. 

I used to be Lonely Planet reader but seriously who has the time now to go through hundreds of pages. I haven't had time to finish a book in ages. So a Lonely Planet book is out of the picture for me. 

Plus everything now is available on the internet. Thank goodness for that as it is a big time saver. 

We're off to a 5-day trip next month. I am slowly filling our itinerary after consulting Tripadvisor and CNNGo. We have a baby so we cannot plan an Amazing Race kind of trip. A couple of activities per day should be fine. 

What about you, what do you use to plan your trips? I'd love to hear about them, please share in the Comments section.

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