This Year's (Prayer and) Fasting Experience

Fasting 2014
This year marks my 5th year of joining my church's annual Prayer & Fasting. It is an excellent thing to do at the start of the year. You get to spend time with God and then you make your plans for the year. It's always good to consult God about my plans. What I have in mind may not be what He has planned for me and my family. 

Last year was the perfect example, who would have thought my husband would end up with a new job. We did pray for Caleb though and we had him last year. 

My reason for fasting this year was not really to pray for my dreams and goals this year. I just want to spend time with God. I read somewhere that the annual prayer & fasting is a person's alone time with God. I kinda liked that idea more than faith goals being accomplished.

Our church here, Grace Bangkok Church (a member of the Every Nation network), prayed and fasted on the 21st of January until the 25th. It used to be a 7-day fasting until Every Nation divided it into two prayer & fasting - a 5-day fasting at the beginning of the year and a 3-day mid-year fasting around June. 

I've decided on a liquid fast this year. I can have my usual coffee, juices and soups. 

During the 5 days, I did not crave for solid food. My mind and heart were set on eating liquid stuff and I was fine with it. I even cooked dishes for my family and I was not tempted. I was so surprised at how strong I was. I did have energy but I slept earlier that week. I guess sleep was were I got my energy.

I went through the devotional for 5 days, seeking God and praying every chance I remember.

My take-away after the prayer & fasting, I felt refreshed. And since then I had been faithful with my quiet time. I needed that re-connection with God.  The past couple of fasting were not successful. I would be discouraged right away. So this year, I found the strength and grace to go through it.

Now let's see what God has in stored for us this year.

How about you, have you experienced prayer & fasting? I'm telling you, it is worth your time.

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