My January 2014

I never get tired of this photo challenge from Fat Mum Slim. It'll be my third year in a couple of months. I like documenting my every day life that way. I get to think outside the box, at the same time (hopefully) improve my photography skill.

The first month of 2014 went like this --

1. Lunch (My minced pork rice dish from our favorite Another Hound Café.)
2. Begins with G (G is for garden. Found some kind of a garden next to the bagel kiosk I go to.)
3. My town (We live right in the heart of Bangkok's business district. We see skyscrapers in every angle. New ones are being built. It sucks because they blocked our beautiful view.) 
4. Word(s) to live by 
5. Found (Caught the sunrise at the gym. One of the perks of exercising early. Watching the sunrise sets me up for an awesome day ahead.)
6. Happens everyday (This little one loves when we play with him, and adores listening to his big brother. He can also play on his own which is a big relief for me.)
7. Upside down (Kitchen tip: Place sour cream or cottage cheese in an upside down position to make it last longer. Don't ask me why as I cannot remember the reason.)
8. Lucky number (I do not believe in lucky numbers or lucky anything. The number which struck me the most today is 29 as part of Ephesians 5:29. My reminder to take care of my body and keep it in shape.)
9. Natural (Adding these cherry tomatoes to the pasta dish I'm cooking for dinner.)
10. Manmade (More skyscraper. Concrete jungle.)
11. Looking down (My favorite tiramisu from Il Bolognese)
12. Colorful (The dried fruit section of the Gourmet Market in Siam Paragon)
13. Makes me smile (He smiles, I smile.)
14. 3 things (Three shirts - small, medium and large. Three elephants.)
15. Black + white (My muffin pan which I used today)
16. Sun (It was a beautiful morning in Bangkok. Temperature was 18 degrees C.)
17. Tiny (Little Miss Curiosity)
18. Happy place (Went to a spa today and had a foot massage.)
19. Breakfast (Made this very easy breakfast for my boys and it was a hit.)
20. To do list (It's that time of the year again. Prayer and fasting for my church this week. Need to write down my faith goals. What are you believing for this year?)
21. Blue (A bus ticket. Part of my Bangkok Shutdown adventure today. Took the bus after picking up Javi from school as the protest march took place near our building.)
22. Nice! (Loving the unexpected chilly weather in Bangkok. My baby can wear his long sleeve clothes.)
23. Bedtime (My nightly ritual for about 10 years now. I diligently write on my journal.)
24. My space (My little writing space at home. I do my quiet time here on weekdays.)
25. A taste of winter (This temperature is the only kind of winter Bangkok experiences.)
26. Fun stuff! (When you've got a toddler, you're in for an adventure. Today, I found his sticker on his dad's shirt.)
27. Something I bought (After hearing about the declaration of state of emergency in Bangkok, we made sure we have about 60 days worth of formula milk and disposable diapers. We have a baby and we need to be prepared just in case.)
28. Dinner (We're having barbecue chicken and steamed broccoli tonight.)
29. Window (There is this old house right across our building driveway. It stands out as it's surrounded by modern infrastructure.)
30. Best invention ever (I am a babywearer. I like my babies close to me. Used a sling during Javi's time but it hurt my back. Then I discovered Ergo Baby carrier. The reviews have been right. It is an excellent product.)
31. Polka dot (Polka dot is one of my favorite patterns. I have them all over our house. Here's a proof, my polka dot tray.)

Hope your January was awesome!

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