My February 2014

Oh dear.. Another one of this type of posts. Another month is over. I cannot believe February just flew in like that. 

I'm really grateful I do this photo challenge. I get to look back and appreciate life a little more. And it really encourages me to make every day a bit more special. 

And here is my February --

1. Me (We have a beautiful view of the Chao Phraya River from where we are tonight.)
2. Favorite (Eggs Benedict. My room service breakfast staple.)
3. Something orange (My pen for the week - Neon Orange.)
4. Childhood (Seeing the santan (ixora) flower brings back memories of my childhood in Bulacan. I would even eat the nectar of the flower as it's sweet.)
5. Square (Marbled floor at the lobby) 
6. C is for COFFEE (My favorite caramel macchiato) 
7. Utensil (I'm making cupcakes today so the whisk is my friend.)
8. Water (The pool looks inviting but the water is cold.)
9. Details (Valentine's day treats at Dean & Deluca) 
10. I am... (This is how I describe myself in all social media accounts I have.)
11. Mistake (Garrett's Popcorn just opened in Thailand. And the queue has been very long. Thought I'd try to line up when the mall just opened. It's a weekday anyway. There was a queue but not too long. I fell in line. Even made it to the store itself. I had the "golden ticket." Then I had to leave without the popcorn because I had to go home. The problem was with the bagging of the popcorn. It took forever. No wonder people had to line up for hours. Not worth it. Will buy when there's no more queue maybe a couple of months from now.) 
12. Out & about (I bring my baby with me everywhere. Today, I ran a couple of errands. He loves when he is inside the carrier. And I like him there so close to me.)
13. Perfect (It's 8:30 in the evening and these two are asleep! And tomorrow is a holiday in Thailand. No, not because of Valentine's Day. It's for Makha Bucha, a Buddhist holiday.)
14. Heart (Oh my heart! The paper heart is Javi's first Valentine's day gift to me. He came down from his school bus, took out this heart and said to me, "For you, Mom.")
15. My drink of choice (My Saturday brunch staples, coffee and orange juice.)
16. Create (A little boy overwhelmed with a box full of blocks.)
17. Vegetable (I always keep a bag of this frozen mixed veggies as it makes an excellent side dish to a number of entreé.)
18. Magic (My miracle drug. Cured my sore throat instantly.) 
19. Feet (The cutest feet in the world for me now.)
20. Peace (And love. What the world needs right now.) 
21. Funny (My two boys who always makes me laugh.)
22. An act of kindness (A sign inside the train to offer your seat to those in need. And my experience in Bangkok is the locals do offer their seat.)
23. This is where I relax (I love coffee shops and a little bit of alone time to get ready for another week.)
24. Half (Easy breakfast. Slice the bagel in half and put it inside the toaster. Best with a cup of coffee.)
25. Cut (My cling wrap. One of my most used kitchen item.)
26. Light (Sunshiny day. Hello again summer weather.)
27. My view today (Tried out a new routine today. Worked out at the crack of dawn. Here I am walking back to our unit. Mommy duties await  as I prepare Javi for school.) 
28. Reflection (Up at the crack of dawn again. I am a morning person after all.) 

I am welcoming March with open arms. I'll get to check an item from my bucket list. 

So has February been kind to you?

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