Facebook Look Back

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. Most days, I am annoyed and frustrated. But some days like today, I am loving it. For it's 10th year, Mark & the Facebook team came up with a one minute personalized video for each user.

I've joined Facebook in 2007. It showed me basically what my life was in those 6 years. Talk about feeling nostalgic. I've seen myself gotten married. It showed me the most important people in my life - Jed and our two sons, my family and friends. I've gotten married, moved to Cebu, had Javi, moved to Bangkok and now we have Caleb. All that happened in 6 years. 

Life has been good. Thank you, Lord!

I enjoyed watching my friends' videos as well. In that one minute, you can kind of tell what type of person they are and what their priorities are. For some this could be a wake up call. 

If you're on Facebook, watch your own video and share it, go to https://facebook.com/lookback/.

Enjoy looking back at your life!

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