A Good Day for Cupcakes

There are two things I enjoy doing and want to do more of: blogging and baking cupcakes. Yes, just cupcakes. 

Since I do not have the kitchen space nor enough time, I'd have to rely on cake or cupcake mixes. They'd have to do for now. 

I picked up this box of gluten and dairy free cupcake mix. And yesterday I had the time to make cupcakes. 

Yes You Can cupcake mix. Gluten and dairy free.

Ready for baking

This packet is the frosting. My son loves the candy sprinkles.

They are done!

How they turned out


The verdict: we like them better than Betty Crocker's cake mixes. We found Betty Crocker's too sweet. Yes You Can cupcakes are delicious and more healthier. I am looking forward to making another batch of cupcakes next month. Yes You Can has other mixes I'd lime to try such as banana bread, chocolate cake, pizza crust and savory snacks.

Till my next baking session! Enjoy the weekend.

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