2014 Calendars, Anyone?

The new year means we need to change our calendars. Years ago, I bought calendars or used those freebies given by companies. 

There were really pretty calendars. I particularly liked the desk calendars from hotels. It was easy to get them when I was still working. 

Being a mom and running a household, I realized I need a calendar in every room of our home. 

Thanks to women bloggers with a knack for graphic design, I get beautiful calendars for free. All I have to do is download them then print. 

Aren't they pretty? 

I choose a couple of designs. I prefer those calendars with weeks beginning on Sunday. I print them in several sizes according to my need. I laminate the year at a glance ones as I will use them longer. I write on the monthly ones, so I print them on regular bond paper. Card stock is preferable but I ran out of those. 

To download the calendars, please click on the caption below each photo.

From Lia Griffith

From The Elli blog

From Love vs. Design

Another great resource is the Mein Lila Park blog, links of over 40 free printable calendars were compiled here.

Hope you find the links useful.

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