Starbucks City Mug Collection Update: The 300 Mark

I used to talk about my collection of city mugs all the time. That was the height of my collecting. And I needed a lot of help (from anyone) at that time.

My hunting for mugs officially started July 2011. I had less than 10 mugs then. And now January 2013, I have 310 mugs. Gasp! I can't believe it. And that's why I am keeping quiet for now. I have way too many mugs. 

I still don't have a display shelves for them. It was my supposedly big project last year but I got pregnant. The pregnancy trumps everything else. So I need to wait until my children are older before I can display my mugs in shelves. I have two boys. The chances of them breaking the mugs on display are very high.

So where are my mugs? Around a hundred are displayed. A third of the collection is in the Philippines. The rest are in their original boxes inside our spare cabinet. 

Currently, there are 339 mugs in the series I am collecting. I am missing 29. Those would be the new releases and the discontinued ones. The new mugs are easy. And the more patient I get the easier it'll be to find them. I'll never complete them anyway, the discontinued mugs are horrendously expensive. I would need around a thousand dollars each. So forget about them.

Apart from the icon series, I wanted a Christmas version. Again, the old ones are very expensive they are out of the picture. For the last holiday season, Starbucks released the Christmas version of the Relief series. There were only 7 cities so I completed them. Yay!

Berlin, Hong Kong, London, Paris. Seoul, Shanghai and Taipei

There are these two mugs whose design I love the most. They are white on the outside with logo etched in front. The colors are inside and the little details such as flowers are scattered around the mug. If Starbucks will release more I will get them. I use this two for my morning coffee.

My two favorites

And that.s my yearly update. The collecting continues but I have definitely slowed down.

What's the thing you collect? Are you also into mugs like me? Share!
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