My December 2013 in Photos

Now where did the time go? It's time to say good bye to 2013. It was one amazing year. God is indeed good and faithful.

And here's what happened to me this December -- 

Day 1 - Red (A very rich red fruit I found in the supermarket. I think this could be red pear.)
2 - Where I stood (This is how I run errands with my baby Caleb. He is strapped in his baby carrier while I go around and do things.)
3 - Silver (The book signing table for the King's birthday.)
4 - Tiny (What a pretty ornament from Starbucks!)
5 - In the cupboard (Originally, just Starbucks city mugs. Then as I meet fellow collectors I ended up with postcards, key chain, magnets and Momiji dolls.)
6 - Shadow (Found a reindeer in Bangkok.)
7 - 6 o'clock (When the husband is working on a Saturday night, I order a pizza for me and my toddler. Too lazy to cook.)
8 - I shop here (My favorite stores' loyalty cards
9 - This is the weather today (21 degrees C on a Monday morning. Yahoo Weather got it right, it is foggy today.)
10 - R is for... ROCKER. (My son's rocker aka my savior now.)
11 - Green (A box full of memories. My journals over the years.)
12 - Joy is... raising these two boys. (It is a blessing that I can be a stay-at-home mom and raise our two boys.)
13 - Composition (I love the details on these mugs. They are Starbucks' Relief series Christmas version. From left to right - Paris, Berlin and Hong Kong. )
14 - Drink (This day calls for a glass of sauvignon blanc.)
15 - Lights  (Leaves on the floor)
16 - Makes me feel merry (The sight of Christmas decorations)
17 - Tree (Saw this industrial looking Christmas tree while I was out running errands.)
18 - Big (My very own Santa Baby in an oversized onesie.)
19 - 'Tis the season to BE CURIOUS (My pre-schooler is learning about Christmas and he is very very curious.)
20 - I'm listening to (We saw the movie Frozen and we fell in love with the songs. So I'm taking a break from Christmas songs and putting this on repeat the entire day.)
21 - On the door (Our building management prohibits us from putting anything on the door or outside the door. What a scrooge! Hmph!)
22 - Sparkly (One of the beautiful Christmas cards we received.)
23 - Tradition (Christmas is the season to receive and give gifts.)
24 - Wrapped (Wrapped in brotherly love)
25 - Best bit of my day (Javi was singing to his little brother. And Caleb liked it. He was smiling. It warms my heart seeing them together.)
26 - Where I slept (There's a tiny hand on my side of the bed.)
27 - What I'm doing (The life of a multitasking momma)
28 - Something awesome (Picked this up to celebrate Caleb's third month)
29 - Reflect: Best bit(s) of 2013 (Video from Flipagram. A blog post followed.)
30 - Me ("I")
31 - Celebrate (One of the goodies I prepared for New Year's eve. Yes, it's a day to bake cupcakes.)

And that's a wrap, everyone. Let me enjoy the rest of my 2013 and welcome 2014 with open arms. 

Here's wishing everyone the best this new year!

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