My October 2013 in Photos

I am a week and a half delayed in posting this. Real life with two kids happened. Talk about chaos. It's a crazy life but all worth it. 

Big things happened this month. Husband went away for a week. Yikes. My brother and his family came to visit. Nice. My mother went home. Boo hoo. Caleb turned one month. Yay! And my dearest Javi turned four. Wow. 

Here is my October in photos -- 

Day 1 - Something colorful (Kiddie chairs at the waiting lounge of the pedia department for Caleb's check-up.)
2 - Light (Bangkok skyline at night)
3 - Me today (And I am now a mom of two boys.)
4 - In motion (My reliable electric fan which goes with me everywhere I go - from Bulacan to Manila to Cebu and now Bangkok.)
5 - Afternoon (It's the weekend and I should be out. But times have changed. For now, I'm staying in and spending time with this cutie pie.)
6 - 8 o'clock (Our curtains were still closed. All four of us were still in bed at 8 o'clock in the morning. It's a miracle.)
7 - What I saw (BK Magazine's feature on 50 best desserts in Bangkok. Oh my dear sweet tooth.)
8 - Corner (The wine and coffee corner at Dean & Deluca)
9 - Pink (My favorite coffee mug)
10 - Hands (Your hand in mine...)
11 - M is for... Medela (The only brand that matters for breast pumps. For me, at least.)
12 - Below (Now look at that my flip flops are very timely. Animo La Salle!)
13 - Watching (Look at those two train passengers, they are completely engrossed with the ads and trailers shown in the monitor.)
14 - Favorite space (Part of our building lobby that has the most comfortable chair. This is where I wait for Javi to come home from school. I love the few minutes of quiet time I spend here.)
15 - Secret (The box which I hide from my toddler where I keep my treats for him.)
16 - Leafy (It is a rainy Wednesday in Bangkok. Plants I found from our building's driveway.)
17 - First word problem (More cars = horrendous traffic)
18 - Still (My world is all calm when this little one is sleeping.)
19 - A good day (Caught the moon rising. It is such a clear evening. I certainly welcome this after a week of rain.)
20 - Open (The husband is home. And with pasalubong, among other things.)
21 - Then + now (My Caleb when he was born and now at three weeks later.)
22 - Change (And I am back to changing diapers. Not complaining though.)
23 - My mood today (Bright and sunny despite the lack of sleep. We've got visitors today.)
24 - Dark (My mom with her grandsons Javi and Julian)
25 - Welcome (In Thailand, Ronald McDonald welcomes you into his store in a traditional Thai "wai" gesture.)
26 - Depth of field (It's Halloween in the bigger establishments in Bangkok. I'm eyeing the lollipop and cake pops in Dean & Deluca.)
27 - Peaceful (Coffee and bagel together with my quiet time. I woke up extra early on a Sunday to have this time alone.)
28 - Just for me (While Filipinos go crazy over cookie butter, I have my heart set on a Philippine brand of peanut butter. Rushed to the Filipino store to get these bottles.)
29 - Hair (Purple hair of an evil minion)
30 - Wet (Bought this facial brush cleaner from Olay Regenerist and I am very happy with it. It is supposed to help with advanced anti-aging. Gasp! Have to face reality.)
31 - Treat (Brunch with the husband, with the baby in tow)

So how was your October? 

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