My Birthday Weekend

It's that time of the year...

When I turn a year wiser and older. Ha!

It has always been my favorite day of the year because the day is for me and me alone. It is a day of doing things I want. And this year I get a weekend as my birthday fell on a Sunday.

My husband asked me what I wanted and my answer was, "I want to eat, shop and get pampered." And that's exactly what I did.

The birthday celebration started off with some "me" time at Starbucks. I so needed a time alone. I have two sons that I take care of and it's a whole different level of busyness. 

I ordered my favorite drink, Toffee Nut Latte.
I visited my favorite nail salon for a mani/pedi. It's my first one after giving birth. It felt so good to have manicured nails.

Tried out something new, a variation of a French manicure.
I squeezed in some time to picked up groceries and then I headed to shop for clothes. Yay! I need a wardrobe update. Just because I do not have a office job does not mean I do not need clothes. 

I came home to my boys and the husband prepared my favorite Lucky Me Lomi. Yes, I am allowed to eat anything I want on my birthday weekend.

I woke up the next morning and it was my real birthday.

We had brunch at Dean & Deluca. We haven't been there for a while so we went back.

I loved my very light breakfast and I love these boys.
Since it was a Sunday, we headed to church. It's nice to be surrounded by our spiritual family. I miss my family in the Philippines, though.

I was so blessed to be out for lunch with our good friends from church. And instead of me treating them, the wonderful couple, P & V blessed us with lunch at my favorite restaurant, Somboon Seafood. Oh dear, I had their fried curry crab with white rice, of course.  

And I even got to blow a cake from Goldilocks!
My wonderful husband looked after our boys again and I tried the spa next to our building. I had the aromatherapy massage for 90 minutes.Yes, we live in Thailand, but I am not a fan of Thai body massages. The massage was really good. I am already thinking when to go back. I want to try their other massages.

For dinner, we went to this Italian restaurant, Il Bolognese. It's our new favorite restaurant. And it is a 5 - 10 minute walk from our place. 

I had wine that evening and that tasted so good. 

Every dish was delicious from the appetizer to my seafood entree and the best tiramisu for me.

Our chaperons who eventually all fell asleep so Jed and I had some time to ourselves.
I tried out something new this year. I unlisted my birthday on FB and restricted posting on my Wall. While I appreciate all the birthday greetings from friends all over, it can be tiring to keep up with all the greetings and replying to each of them. I had less birthday greetings this year, but those I received are from friends and family who truly care and not just greeted me because FB alerted them.

I am so grateful my husband let me spend time on my own. By now he knows I get recharged when I get some "me" time. So blessed that he can look after our boys. My heart is full.

I am excited for another year. Who knows what God has planned for me? At this time last year, I didn't even think our second child would be born.

How do you celebrate your birthday? Or do you even celebrate?

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