Family Photos (2013 Edition)

I aim to have our family photo taken every year. It would be nice to see how our family is evolving. Last year, we didn't have one for the lack of a good photographer. 

But this year is different, we have Mia. She was awesome with Caleb's newborn shots. This made me extremely excited with our family photo shoot.

I need a photographer who would capture moments and less posing. Because for the life of me, I cannot pose.  

Presenting some of our 2013 family photos --

There are no group shots because I am keeping them for a project later.

Oh, and we are featured in Mia's blog. She has the nicest words to say about my family. Read about it here.

I'm looking forward to more sessions with Mia. 

It's the hump day today. Wishing you a pleasant rest of the Thanksgiving week.

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