Welcome Caleb!

Our very own Caleb came into the world evening of September 28th. I was 39 weeks pregnant. This is his birth story. 

What's in a name?

My husband and I fell in love with the name Caleb while watching the movie Fireproof. Kirk Cameron played the lead character whose name was Caleb. We already picked out a name for a firstborn so I told the if we ever have another son, we would name him Caleb. Then God granted us another son. 

God orchestrated every single thing leading to Caleb's birth. I was tired of being pregnant and hoped to give birth earlier this time. But I wasn't feeling any contractions until the night before I gave birth. 

My little family is in a foreign land meaning it is just the three of us. We do not have someone to leave our firstborn with. We honestly did not have a plan. I thought that in case I give birth before my mom gets here I can manage on my own in the labor & delivery room while Jed looks after Javi. I was dead wrong. And God knows this. 

September 28th 

My mother and sister arrived a day before I gave birth to Caleb. The timing was just perfect. I did feel contractions while waiting for them to get to our place then it disappeared and I felt okay. The following morning, we managed to have breakfast in our favorite brunch place then even went to the mall to shop/window shop. We headed to the hospital for my weekly check-up around lunch time. 

We then found out my cervix was already 2cm dilated. Of course, I wasn't allowed to leave the hospital anymore. I had a proper lunch as I remembered feeling so hungry and thirsty when I gave birth to Javi. I was in the Labor Room by 4 o'clock in the afternoon. The preparations and contractions began. 

The rest of my family went home. Jed came back with our stuff. Javi was at home with my mother and sister. God really wanted them here so they can look after Javi. And I needed Jed to be beside me through labor and delivery. 

I dreaded going through labor again. Labor pains is not something a woman wants to go through again. And it was as painful and horrible as the first time I experienced. My only consolation this time is the hospital here in Bangkok has excellent facilities. I had the labor room all to myself. It was where I delivered Caleb. And Jed was with me the entire time. 

The labor suite at BNH Hospital

We were even watching Taken 2 an hour before I delivered. Jed turned the TV off as the story line of the movie is not calming me down. 

At 9 o'clock in the evening Caleb was ready to come out. And I gotta hand it to my OB-GYN, the intern/resident, nurses and the rest of the staff, I had a normal delivery. This time without epidural. They only gave me pain killers. I had a lot of help pushing. My OB-GYN had to use a vacuum extractor on Caleb as my efforts weren't enough. I just cannot push the pain away. I may know what to do but at that time I just can't do it. All I could think of was the pain. 

When I saw Caleb, all my worries were gone. He is a healthy baby boy. 

With Caleb
I stayed in the hospital for two nights. Recovery is easier because of the normal delivery. Friends and colleagues even had the chance to visit us and show us some love. I got flowers and Caleb got gifts. 

I was very happy with our hospital, BNH Hospital. The facilities and service were excellent. Their delivery package turned out to be cheaper than St. Luke's Global in Manila. No wonder medical tourism is booming in Thailand.

God has been so good to us the entire time and he planned every single thing for us. He is the only one who knows what is best for us -- not me. He knows I needed my mom and sister to look after Javi. He knows I would need Jed to be with me the entire labor and delivery. He spared me from experiencing labor signs at home and there was no need to panic.

Sharing with you photos during the birth of Javi and Caleb. It's amazing how similar the two photos are. 

My cup overflows...


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