My September 2013 in Photos

The BER months are here!

In the Philippines, it signals the start of counting down to Christmas. A few eager beavers have already put up their Christmas decorations at home.  

For me here, September is a big month. It is still preparation to giving birth. Nesting is in full swing. 

It turned out to be a memorable month as I gave birth to Caleb towards the end. 

Day 1 - Together (You can have all these yummy goodness for 180 baht or US$6. Comes with fruits and a drink. Gotta love Bangkok!)
2 - My name begins with...I (The letter "I" and "i" is for island)
3 - Lines (I LOVE stripes. PERIOD.)
4 - Alone (My son is back in school. Finally getting some alone time - a proper quiet time together with breakfast.)
5 - Here forever (Yes, love grows right here at home.)
6 - Getting ready (Time to clean what needs to be cleaned)
7 - White (After hours of fasting or more like starvation, four blood tests and both arms like this, the doctor ruled out gestational diabetes. Yay!)
8 - Made by me (Nesting and OCD at work. Created this chart so our cleaning lady and any one in my family may do the laundry when I give birth without breaking the washer and ruining the clothes.)
9 - On the wall (My cork board at home. It has calendars, the FMS photo a day list for the current month, vouchers, post-it notes, flyers and food delivery menus.)
10 - Sweet (The only syrup I want for my pancakes. Even if its sugar is 48 grams. Gasp!)
11 - What I did today (I enjoyed coffee time alone. At 37 weeks, this is the calm before the storm.)
12 - Shadow (My shadow (Javi) and his shadow)
13 - Unexpected (These came in the mail today. A dear friend from Germany surprised me with these goodies.)
14 - Liquid (Fresh coconut juice!!)
15 - Season (Officially 38 weeks)
16 - Frame (My favorite frame(s) in our home)
17 - In front of me (My doctor advised me to get some more rest so I have an excuse to put my feet up while watching The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.)
18 - Vintage (My 1st generation iPad which I have no intention of replacing. It still works fine and I have my phone anyway.)
19 - What is this? (Oh dear, found expired packs of instant coffee in my Kopiko stash. Yup, that's how long I haven't seen or had them.)
20 - In the morning (My challenge every morning is to wake this sleepyhead and get him ready for school.)
21 - Rule of thirds (A lemon curd muffin I had for breakfast)
22 - Made me smile (Went for a mani/pedi today)
23 - From my childhood (Earrings from my paternal grandmother's tambourine necklace)
24 - Space (I obviously have a space problems. These are my mug collection which I cannot put on display for lack of shelves.)
25 - H is for... Helly the Helicopter (My little boy's current obsession is this Korean animated television series, Robocar Poli. Helly is one of the major characters.)
26 - Curve (My very colorful nursing pillow)
27 - WTF? (Just when our cleaning lady left for the day and the floor is sparkly clean, my little boy spilled his yogurt. Yes, that's how life is with small kids.)
28 - 10 o'clock (Breakfast at Rocket Coffeebar)
29 - Gold (I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him. (1 Samuel 1:27 NIV))
30 - Found (Flowers from well-wishers)

So how was your September?

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