My August 2013 in Photos

Another month has passed. We just said goodbye to the ghost month. August had been really good to me. I enjoyed spending my days with my son who was still on school break.

Lo and behold, September is here! Oh dear..

This is likely the month I will give birth to our second child. My little boy is going back to school. Life is going to change for my little family.  

Before I start to worry about September, let me show you how August went for me --

Day 1 - Something beginning with N (My husband's neckties)
2 - Incomplete (My cupcake without frosting)
3 - Skyline (Waiting for the rain to come)
4 - Fresh (Salad greens from the neighborhood grocery)
5 - Early (Before sunrise is my favorite time of day)
6 - This means a lot to me (An organized closet means a lot to me.  I am OC and I absolutely cannot stand clutter.)
7 - A sign (I picked out a sign which has Thai characters in it.)
8 - Peek-a-boo (What we ate for dinner)
9 - 2 o'clock (Waiting in line at After You with my dearest Neyza and her Vietnamese friends)
10 - Beverage (Cafe latte from my favorite breakfast place, Rocket Coffee Bar)
11 - I love doing this (Grocery run on my own. No toddler with me.)
12 - Macro (My strawberry candy from Germany)
13 - Fast (If this were a real car, I believe it would go fast.)
14 - Trash (My daily household chores end with a visit to this area.)
15 - The best (We have new loyalties.)
16 - Cooking (I have always been fascinated with this street food vendor and how he can make meals for maybe a hundred people during weekdays.)
17 - Exercise (Prenatal yoga and I meet again. Better late than never.)
18 - Someone I spoke to (The rare instance I enable my phone's Facetime is when the husband is away on a trip.)
19 - Lost (My son's left hand-less Iron Man toy.)
20 - Stairs (Where the stairs are located in our floor)
21 - Slow (Slowly sipped this cup of cappuccino while I watched my son run around the coffee shop.)
22 - A room (Our room with a view)
23 - Yellow (My husband's yellow notepad)
24 - In the background (Tourists and mall visitors love having their photos taken at the entrance of the Paragon mall with this as the background.)
25 - Culture (It's the mid-Autumn festival in Asia, so it's moon cake time!)
26 - Entrance (Postcards from my traveling friend, Dids.)
27 - 10 minutes from home (I love where we live. We are 10 minutes away from my favorite coffee shops, train station and the hospital.)
28 - Corridor (I always take a photo of the right side of our corridor. Now, this is the left side.)
29 - Lucky (The four leaf clover is, apparently, a symbol of luck. Although I never believe in luck.)
30 - Cluttered (On normal days, this would give me a headache. Then there are days when I would let it go for my own sanity.)
31 - Dangerous (My blood sugar is a bit high so these are a no-no for me right now.)

So how did August treat you?

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