Giddy About iOS7

I feel like a little girl on the morning of her birthday or Christmas day. Well, the truth is I couldn't wait 'til morning. I was up until midnight. The baby inside me was keeping me awake with all the moving. What else to do? I checked my phone at exactly midnight and the iOS7 update was available for download and installation. After a couple of error, I managed to download and install in 30 minutes. I got lucky. 

The following morning I was busy reading about the new features and exploring what the new iOS can do. It is like getting a new phone without buying one. I absolutely love it! 

Apple diehards, or rather Steve Jobs fanatics, were not too happy about iOS7. Yes, the old interface is gone. The one Steve Jobs approved. But hey, change is the only thing constant in this world. Change is good. 

Some say the new iOS looks like Samsung Galaxy's. I wouldn't know as I don't own one. Plus should it be an issue?

I like what I see. I love switching to iOS7. And here are more reasons why. 

Separate folders under Photos.
The Videos album is very handy for my little boy who loves watching his own videos.

This is how my phone looks like. As you can tell I love colors. 
And I group my apps according to categories.

A square camera especially for my photo-a-day pictures.

The new Control Center. 
Easy access to the WiFi, Brightness Control, Calculator, Flashlight, etc.

The new keypad is very clean. 
The only complain I have for iOS7 is the battery drains very fast. Boo hoo! Hope Apple fixes this right away. 

So what do you love about iOS7?

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  1. Haha , do you watch the keynote speeches too? For us it's a much awaited event:). Fanatics too!

    1. I missed those. Especially Steve Job's keynote speeches.:-( I came in late as an Apple fan.


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