Disliking Facebook

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. 


I loved it when it was still new. I kept in touch with family and friends any where in the world. It kept me company as I moved cities. It cured my homesickness as I adjusted in Cebu then Bangkok. 

The downhill

And then it slowly felt overwhelming for me. I added people I don't really know or cannot remember because they are friends with my husband or my siblings or we just have many mutual friends. 

I traded mugs as a hobby. I ended up joining several groups. My friends list grew like crazy and it reached almost a thousand.

And then my Timeline has all these updates and posts from people I hardly knew. I segregated contacts into different  lists. I hid a number from my Newsfeed. But it was still too much. Facebook is not just about status updates anymore. Suddenly, I see people's comments on things I don't really care about. People share the silliest things. Facebook is now commercialized. I see ads, sponsored posts. All too confusing for me. There's just too much going on. Information overload. My brain cannot handle it anymore. 


I woke up one day and I realized I despised Facebook. The only reason why I haven't deactivated or deleted my account is because it is the only way I communicate with my mother in the Philippines. I really wished she could just be on WhatsApp where life is simpler. 

I no longer update my account. I restricted my Wall as well. For some strange reason, I would be appearing online on FB chat then contacts would chat with me. I am never online. Even if I am, because of the iPhone, I am unavailable. I really wish there was an option to stop anyone from messaging me except the very few people I talk to daily.  Life is crazy as it is without Facebook. I am running a household, taking care of my son, and currently waiting to give birth to the second child.

Something to really think about

I am an introvert and I do appreciate a quiet life. I love our life here in Bangkok. I get to focus on my growing family. Some may think it is a lonely life. Not at all. It is perfect for me and how I needed it to be this season.

While I stay silent in FB, you can find me in other channels. I tweet my thoughts, I post photos in Instagram and I blog when I can.

So, what do you think about Facebook now? Do you love it or hate it?

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