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Breakfast during weekdays is just a sandwich, fruit or cereal with milk. I make sure I have something and that's it. However, weekends are a different story. My little family is complete so we either have a big Filipino breakfast at home or we check out the nearest café.

Jed told me about this new café that is not Dean &  Deluca. I Googled it, found it and we checked it out that same weekend. It is called Rocket Coffeebar

The first thing I love about Rocket is it is a few minutes walk from where we live. But due to my current state now, we would usually catch a taxi to go there. The restaurant itself is small but the interiors are minimalist. My husband and I feels right at home there. 

Be prepared to wait for a few minutes to secure a table. The place is small and becoming really popular so it is crowded especially during weekend brunch time. 

We have been eating there every weekend. And I will keep on doing as long as I haven't given birth. Then it will be challenging to go there with a newborn. If there is one craving I have at this very late part of the pregnancy, it'd be enjoying breakfast at Rocket.

What's funny is when I go there, I always order the same thing - a cup of coffee, a muffin, orange juice and their version of my all-time favorite eggs benedict

A cup of coffee and muffin
Photo from Rocket's Facebook account

Rocket Benedict

Their eggs benedict is the light version. Soft boiled egg on a french bread with spinach and their own hollandaise sauce with bacon bits. For me, it's the healthier version of my favorite breakfast dish. 

The coffee, for me, is so much better than Starbucks. It goes very well with the muffin. Starbucks Coffee for me is too commercialized. Even If go crazy over some of their merchandise, their coffee is not my favorite. I would definitely go to other smaller coffee shops.

Here are photos of the restaurant and the dishes and drinks that they offer. All photos are from their Facebook page.

Yup, they have eye candies in their restaurant. 

Freshly squeezed juice

Cereal and fruits for breakfast

Can't wait to try this out for lunch
A nice cocktail I can try after giving birth


Rocket Coffeebar
149, Sathorn Soi 12, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
+66 (0) 2 6350 404 |
Facebook: Rocket Coffeebar
Twitter: @rocketcoffeebar
Instagram: rocketcoffeebar

Go check them out!

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