2013 Update on my Starbucks Mug Collection

The latest count of my Starbucks Global Icon collection is 304 mugs. Whoa! I cannot even believe I have that much mugs. Seriously!

My latest acquisition

The total count of mugs in this series is 331. I only need 27 mugs to complete the series. However, I doubt I would and I have no intention to complete it. I am very happy with what I have. And they are more than I imagined.

My missing mugs are the rare or hard-to-find ones and new releases. The new releases are not a problem. The hard-to-find ones are. As I need time, patience, effort and a lot of $$$ (or $$$$! Gasp!) to get them. So forget it, as most countries and cities are already represented in my collection. 

I would have loved to put my collection in a nice shelf. It was actually my plan for this year. However, I got pregnant so the mugs are obviously not a priority. Plus the thought of displaying mugs in a shelf with a baby and a toddler does not sound like a brilliant idea. It is also for this reason I am putting off trading mugs.

I enjoyed collecting, for most part (minus the drama of the mugging world). I met a lot of friends from around the world. Relatives and friends overwhelm me with their thoughtfulness. 

One day I will have a proper display shelf for all my mugs. I will use the mugs as my very own prayer wall - to pray for each country/city and the person who gave or sent me the mug. 

I just want to thank each and every person who contributed to my mug collection. From the bottom of my heart. 

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