Giddy About iOS7

I feel like a little girl on the morning of her birthday or Christmas day. Well, the truth is I couldn't wait 'til morning. I was up until midnight. The baby inside me was keeping me awake with all the moving. What else to do? I checked my phone at exactly midnight and the iOS7 update was available for download and installation. After a couple of error, I managed to download and install in 30 minutes. I got lucky. 

The following morning I was busy reading about the new features and exploring what the new iOS can do. It is like getting a new phone without buying one. I absolutely love it! 

Apple diehards, or rather Steve Jobs fanatics, were not too happy about iOS7. Yes, the old interface is gone. The one Steve Jobs approved. But hey, change is the only thing constant in this world. Change is good. 

Some say the new iOS looks like Samsung Galaxy's. I wouldn't know as I don't own one. Plus should it be an issue?

I like what I see. I love switching to iOS7. And here are more reasons why. 

Separate folders under Photos.
The Videos album is very handy for my little boy who loves watching his own videos.

This is how my phone looks like. As you can tell I love colors. 
And I group my apps according to categories.

A square camera especially for my photo-a-day pictures.

The new Control Center. 
Easy access to the WiFi, Brightness Control, Calculator, Flashlight, etc.

The new keypad is very clean. 
The only complain I have for iOS7 is the battery drains very fast. Boo hoo! Hope Apple fixes this right away. 

So what do you love about iOS7?

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Current Favorite: Rocket Coffeebar

Breakfast during weekdays is just a sandwich, fruit or cereal with milk. I make sure I have something and that's it. However, weekends are a different story. My little family is complete so we either have a big Filipino breakfast at home or we check out the nearest café.

Jed told me about this new café that is not Dean &  Deluca. I Googled it, found it and we checked it out that same weekend. It is called Rocket Coffeebar

The first thing I love about Rocket is it is a few minutes walk from where we live. But due to my current state now, we would usually catch a taxi to go there. The restaurant itself is small but the interiors are minimalist. My husband and I feels right at home there. 

Be prepared to wait for a few minutes to secure a table. The place is small and becoming really popular so it is crowded especially during weekend brunch time. 

We have been eating there every weekend. And I will keep on doing as long as I haven't given birth. Then it will be challenging to go there with a newborn. If there is one craving I have at this very late part of the pregnancy, it'd be enjoying breakfast at Rocket.

What's funny is when I go there, I always order the same thing - a cup of coffee, a muffin, orange juice and their version of my all-time favorite eggs benedict

A cup of coffee and muffin
Photo from Rocket's Facebook account

Rocket Benedict

Their eggs benedict is the light version. Soft boiled egg on a french bread with spinach and their own hollandaise sauce with bacon bits. For me, it's the healthier version of my favorite breakfast dish. 

The coffee, for me, is so much better than Starbucks. It goes very well with the muffin. Starbucks Coffee for me is too commercialized. Even If go crazy over some of their merchandise, their coffee is not my favorite. I would definitely go to other smaller coffee shops.

Here are photos of the restaurant and the dishes and drinks that they offer. All photos are from their Facebook page.

Yup, they have eye candies in their restaurant. 

Freshly squeezed juice

Cereal and fruits for breakfast

Can't wait to try this out for lunch
A nice cocktail I can try after giving birth


Rocket Coffeebar
149, Sathorn Soi 12, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
+66 (0) 2 6350 404 |
Facebook: Rocket Coffeebar
Twitter: @rocketcoffeebar
Instagram: rocketcoffeebar

Go check them out!

Coffee Time

I absolutely love coffee. I stopped drinking regularly for months because I got pregnant. Occasionally, I'd drink decaf but I try to avoid caffeine during the entire pregnancy. 

A very rare selfie moment
I am now on my 37th week. Full term (Yay! Thank you, Lord). Our cleaning lady who used to come in once a week, now comes in Monday to Friday to help me around the house and clean everything before the new baby comes out. It now frees me from household work. With my little boy now back in school, I found myself having some free time in the morning. If you notice, I blog more regularly. Lately, I realized I've been frequenting the nearest Starbucks branch. 

Yesterday, I had an Iced Caramel Macchiato

Today calls for a Salted Caramel Mocha

It's nice to have time alone sipping coffee. I figure this is my calm before the storm. And I am cherishing every minute. When the new baby is here, coffee time will be hurried and rarely on my own. 

I am just grateful for this time when I can take things slowly. I know I'll have this time again, say in a couple of years.

New Discovery: BK Magazine

While out for brunch one Saturday at our new favorite breakfast place, Rocket Coffee Bar, I browsed through a copy of this magazine. Found out later that it is BK Magazine. It is a magazine/newsletter which comes out weekly. For free. And may be found in restaurants and certain establishments. I saw one in browhaus while getting my eyebrows groomed.

The reason why I am dedicating an entire post for BK magazine is that its content are all informative, hip and timely. It is exactly what I have been wanting to know since moving to Bangkok. I know I am two and a half years late. Yes, I have been blind that long.

It was a struggle for me and my husband to look for places to go, eat and shop in Bangkok. I just don't know who to follow on Twitter or what blogs to read. There is the language problem as well. I follow a few on Twitter but mainly for news. Of course, I want to know what new restaurant to try out or a hole-in-the-wall that we absolutely have to go to. Yes, there are too many malls in Bangkok but there are times when we don't want to be in a mall.

As I flipped through the pages of BK Magazine, I liked what I see. Restaurant reviews. Shopping finds. New movies for the week. Events for the week (I found out about Nick Vujicic's visit through the magazine). It has practically everything expats living in Bangkok want to know. Frequent visitors to Bangkok would find it very useful as well. 

And it gets better! There is an iPad app. I subscribed to the magazine for free. Every Friday it automatically updates and I get the latest version. I couldn't be happier. 

For more info, check out their website:
Here is the link to their iPad app:

I hope you enjoy the magazine as much as I do!

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Disliking Facebook

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. 


I loved it when it was still new. I kept in touch with family and friends any where in the world. It kept me company as I moved cities. It cured my homesickness as I adjusted in Cebu then Bangkok. 

The downhill

And then it slowly felt overwhelming for me. I added people I don't really know or cannot remember because they are friends with my husband or my siblings or we just have many mutual friends. 

I traded mugs as a hobby. I ended up joining several groups. My friends list grew like crazy and it reached almost a thousand.

And then my Timeline has all these updates and posts from people I hardly knew. I segregated contacts into different  lists. I hid a number from my Newsfeed. But it was still too much. Facebook is not just about status updates anymore. Suddenly, I see people's comments on things I don't really care about. People share the silliest things. Facebook is now commercialized. I see ads, sponsored posts. All too confusing for me. There's just too much going on. Information overload. My brain cannot handle it anymore. 


I woke up one day and I realized I despised Facebook. The only reason why I haven't deactivated or deleted my account is because it is the only way I communicate with my mother in the Philippines. I really wished she could just be on WhatsApp where life is simpler. 

I no longer update my account. I restricted my Wall as well. For some strange reason, I would be appearing online on FB chat then contacts would chat with me. I am never online. Even if I am, because of the iPhone, I am unavailable. I really wish there was an option to stop anyone from messaging me except the very few people I talk to daily.  Life is crazy as it is without Facebook. I am running a household, taking care of my son, and currently waiting to give birth to the second child.

Something to really think about

I am an introvert and I do appreciate a quiet life. I love our life here in Bangkok. I get to focus on my growing family. Some may think it is a lonely life. Not at all. It is perfect for me and how I needed it to be this season.

While I stay silent in FB, you can find me in other channels. I tweet my thoughts, I post photos in Instagram and I blog when I can.

So, what do you think about Facebook now? Do you love it or hate it?

My August 2013 in Photos

Another month has passed. We just said goodbye to the ghost month. August had been really good to me. I enjoyed spending my days with my son who was still on school break.

Lo and behold, September is here! Oh dear..

This is likely the month I will give birth to our second child. My little boy is going back to school. Life is going to change for my little family.  

Before I start to worry about September, let me show you how August went for me --

Day 1 - Something beginning with N (My husband's neckties)
2 - Incomplete (My cupcake without frosting)
3 - Skyline (Waiting for the rain to come)
4 - Fresh (Salad greens from the neighborhood grocery)
5 - Early (Before sunrise is my favorite time of day)
6 - This means a lot to me (An organized closet means a lot to me.  I am OC and I absolutely cannot stand clutter.)
7 - A sign (I picked out a sign which has Thai characters in it.)
8 - Peek-a-boo (What we ate for dinner)
9 - 2 o'clock (Waiting in line at After You with my dearest Neyza and her Vietnamese friends)
10 - Beverage (Cafe latte from my favorite breakfast place, Rocket Coffee Bar)
11 - I love doing this (Grocery run on my own. No toddler with me.)
12 - Macro (My strawberry candy from Germany)
13 - Fast (If this were a real car, I believe it would go fast.)
14 - Trash (My daily household chores end with a visit to this area.)
15 - The best (We have new loyalties.)
16 - Cooking (I have always been fascinated with this street food vendor and how he can make meals for maybe a hundred people during weekdays.)
17 - Exercise (Prenatal yoga and I meet again. Better late than never.)
18 - Someone I spoke to (The rare instance I enable my phone's Facetime is when the husband is away on a trip.)
19 - Lost (My son's left hand-less Iron Man toy.)
20 - Stairs (Where the stairs are located in our floor)
21 - Slow (Slowly sipped this cup of cappuccino while I watched my son run around the coffee shop.)
22 - A room (Our room with a view)
23 - Yellow (My husband's yellow notepad)
24 - In the background (Tourists and mall visitors love having their photos taken at the entrance of the Paragon mall with this as the background.)
25 - Culture (It's the mid-Autumn festival in Asia, so it's moon cake time!)
26 - Entrance (Postcards from my traveling friend, Dids.)
27 - 10 minutes from home (I love where we live. We are 10 minutes away from my favorite coffee shops, train station and the hospital.)
28 - Corridor (I always take a photo of the right side of our corridor. Now, this is the left side.)
29 - Lucky (The four leaf clover is, apparently, a symbol of luck. Although I never believe in luck.)
30 - Cluttered (On normal days, this would give me a headache. Then there are days when I would let it go for my own sanity.)
31 - Dangerous (My blood sugar is a bit high so these are a no-no for me right now.)

So how did August treat you?

2013 Update on my Starbucks Mug Collection

The latest count of my Starbucks Global Icon collection is 304 mugs. Whoa! I cannot even believe I have that much mugs. Seriously!

My latest acquisition

The total count of mugs in this series is 331. I only need 27 mugs to complete the series. However, I doubt I would and I have no intention to complete it. I am very happy with what I have. And they are more than I imagined.

My missing mugs are the rare or hard-to-find ones and new releases. The new releases are not a problem. The hard-to-find ones are. As I need time, patience, effort and a lot of $$$ (or $$$$! Gasp!) to get them. So forget it, as most countries and cities are already represented in my collection. 

I would have loved to put my collection in a nice shelf. It was actually my plan for this year. However, I got pregnant so the mugs are obviously not a priority. Plus the thought of displaying mugs in a shelf with a baby and a toddler does not sound like a brilliant idea. It is also for this reason I am putting off trading mugs.

I enjoyed collecting, for most part (minus the drama of the mugging world). I met a lot of friends from around the world. Relatives and friends overwhelm me with their thoughtfulness. 

One day I will have a proper display shelf for all my mugs. I will use the mugs as my very own prayer wall - to pray for each country/city and the person who gave or sent me the mug. 

I just want to thank each and every person who contributed to my mug collection. From the bottom of my heart. 

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